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There’s only a short time until you marry the person you love. You also have a short time to find just the right gifts for your groomsmen. Your bride is getting beautiful and detailed presents for her bridesmaids, so you want to make sure your groomsmen get something special as well. Here are a few ideas to consider if you’re drawing a blank. Your friends and family sacrifice and spend a lot to participate in your special day and expect you to show your gratitude with something unique.

Customized Cigar Boxes

Enjoying a cigar now and then can be relaxing. Your groomsmen can store their cigars in a personalized container to remember the special day. Start them off with a few stogies carefully placed in the chest, so that you can all smoke before the wedding or at the bachelor party as a wonderful bonding moment.

Drinking Glasses

A gift of customized drinking glasses would go over well. You can get a different type of container for each groomsman so that it’s something personal instead of giving everyone the same beer mug or flask. Small bottles of alcohol can also be included with the glasses so that your groomsmen have something to enjoy in the containers.

A Special Watch

A watch not only gives your groomsmen a way to be on time for the wedding and other special events, but it’s also a way to let this group of men know that they are appreciated. You can get initials, or a particular phrase engraved on each watch to make them personal.

Customized Golf Accessories

Many men enjoy playing a round of golf together, so why not give your groomsmen a gift that coordinates with the sport? A set of personalized golf tees or balls is a beautiful gift to offer so that you’ll always have something to play with when you want to spend time together. If they don’t play golf, then give your groomsmen something for the sports that they do play.

An Assortment of Gifts

Sometimes, it’s hard to find that one special gift for the men who share your wedding day with you and your bride. A gift box or basket is an option that allows you to put a few different items together for one large gift.

No matter what you give your groomsmen, make sure you thank them for taking the time to share in your special day.

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