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Your wedding should be a fabulous time to have fun and celebrate with your friends and family. As you plan your special day, there are some things you’ll want to spend more money on than others. By prioritizing your wants, you can sort out what’s important. While every bride and groom have different ideas on how to make this an amazing festivity, most will find it ideal to allocate their budget in certain ways.

What You Have to Splurge On

Any splurge should begin with the venue, mostly because this will generally be the most expensive investment. Beautiful halls charge big prices, so if the site is important to you, you’ll have to bite the bullet and spend on it. Consider the size of your guest list and pick somewhere that’s appropriate. You’ll want a place that your friends and family can get to easily. The venue sets the tone for the event and is the background of the wedding photos you will likely display in your home forever, so find something you like.

Photography and videography are usually the other things most people spend a lot on for this type of celebration. Good professionals charge more, but for valid reasons. They know how to create photographs and videos that take full advantage of the location. A professional photographer will stage pictures to show off the bride’s best features and make all members of her wedding party look good.

These photos are the most prominent memory you’ll have of your service and reception, so take the time and budget for this one so that you’re happy. After all, no bride or groom wants to get their photos a month after their wedding and discover that every single one is terrible. Don’t be afraid to interview several professionals and ask for samples.

Splurge vs. Save

Every couple has priorities and interests. Talk to your partner about what the two of you want to remember years from now and splurge on it, because it’ll be worth it. You have so many options for planning a wedding that it will help to talk it out. You can do something entirely customized a that the two of you love, or you can go the traditional route. It’s your budget, so there’s no real right or wrong answer on what you should splurge on.

If you’ve always had a dream dress in mind, then go ahead and pick out the dresses and tuxes you’ve always imagined. If your goal is to have a really fun function that guests talk about for a long time, consider splurging on the entertainment portion of the event. Hire a great band, get a photobooth, and expense an open bar to make sure everyone has a ball.

The same rule applies to elements like flowers, decor, and food – concentrate on the aspects of the nuptials that are special for the two of you. At the end of the day, it’s your wedding and you should enjoy it.

Book Your Dream Wedding at a Unique Venue

A wedding venue is typically one of the biggest financial investments and decisions a couple makes during the planning process. The backdrop of your special day will be in the hearts and minds of everyone at your wedding as the place where you started a new life chapter. Make the most of it and book a lovely wedding location. Windows on the Water at Frogbridge provides countless options to truly customize your experience. Learn more by contacting (609) 208-9475 to find out more about availability and the amazing amenities offered.