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As you prepare for your wedding, choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress is a key decision that can impact the look and feel of the event. 2023 brought some truly stunning bridesmaid dress trends that will make your bridal party shine and complement your own gown in the most stylish and elegant manner.

While choosing a bridesmaid dress, think about the setting of the wedding. Is it a destination wedding? Will your dress look great at that venue? You should probably know where your wedding is going to be before you pick your dress for your bridesmaids so that they can go well together. Windows on the Water offers picturesque backgrounds for weddings, and your dress will look great here no matter what you pick. Let’s look at a few surprising but perfect bridesmaid dress trends of 2023.

4 Bridesmaid Dress Trends of 2023

Some of the hottest trends in 2023 for bridesmaid dresses include:

Vintage-Inspired Dresses

One of the most popular trends in 2023 is the revival of vintage-inspired bridesmaid dresses. Delicate lace, romantic ruffles, and timeless silhouettes will take center stage, adding a touch of nostalgia and femininity to your wedding. Whether you opt for a classic A-line gown or a sleek, figure-hugging dress, these vintage-inspired designs are sure to bring a sense of timeless elegance to your wedding.

Vintage designs are nothing new, but many of those designs came from heirloom dresses. Mothers would hand their dresses down to their daughters and would only need a slight size adjustment. While it made it easy for vintage styles to stay around, the trend of making new dresses with vintage designs made this much easier to embrace. Now, you can buy an all-new vintage dress and not have to worry about having someone to hand one down that is still in good condition. 

Mix-and-Match Dresses

The trend of mix-and-match bridesmaid dresses is expected to gain even more popularity in the coming years. Allowing your bridesmaids to choose dresses that suit their individual style and body type not only ensures their comfort and confidence but also creates a visually dynamic and interesting look for your bridal party. 

Whether it’s different necklines, varying skirt lengths, or complementary patterns and textures, the mix-and-match trend offers endless opportunities for creating a cohesive yet personalized look for your wedding. In some ways, wedding dresses can be mixed and matched, too. Multi-piece dresses are available, letting you choose different tops, bottoms, and accessories without having to start a new dress from scratch. It is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get a custom, one-of-a-kind dress without major custom design pricing. 

Bold and Bright Colors

2023 saw the resurgence of bold, vibrant colors. While pastel hues have long been a popular choice for bridesmaid dresses, this year is all about making a splash with rich jewel tones and eye-catching shades. Think emerald green, royal blue, and deep burgundy – these colors will add a touch of drama and sophistication to your wedding party, making for some truly stunning photographs.

While many of the bold and brightly colored dresses on the market were new, you can also have a wedding dress dyed a different color. The color of your dress says a lot about your style and personality, and color changes make any dress truly personal and unique in a way that is specifically your taste. 

Flowy Dresses

2023 also saw the rise of elegantly draped silhouettes. Flowing, ethereal fabrics, and soft, romantic draping are the order of the day, creating a dreamy and feminine look that is perfect for a bohemian or whimsical wedding. These dresses are not only beautiful to look at, but they also offer a flattering and comfortable fit for your bridesmaids, ensuring that they feel as good as they look on your special day.

Have Your Venue Match Your Dress at Windows on the Water

The bridesmaid dress trends of 2023 are all about embracing individuality, elegance, and boldness. From vintage-inspired designs to vibrant colors and mix-and-match styles, the upcoming year promises to offer an array of stunning options that will elevate your wedding and leave a lasting impression on your guests. As you plan for your special day, keep these exciting trends in mind.

Once you have a dress in mind, you need to lock down your venue and other details. Contact Windows on the Water by calling (609) 208-9475 or using our contact form. We work with wedding parties to not only find a date and venue, but we can also help with many of the other wedding plans as well. Let us help you make your special day perfect in every way possible.