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There are a number of reasons why bridesmaids have been an essential part of wedding ceremonies for a long time. Serving as an assistant to the bride and helping her look her best on her big day is just one of them. However, one surprisingly crucial aspect is securing the right dress style. 

Do bridesmaids still need to wear matching dresses to be in the wedding party? Or is this a tradition that should be kicked to the curb? Here are some things to consider.

Con: Matching Dresses

Having bridesmaids wear matching dresses has been the norm for many years. However, some dresses fit certain body types better than others. To help out bridesmaids, some brides opt to have bridesmaids choose their own style but in a set color. However, some skin tones might look better with certain colors than others.

Pro: It’s Tradition

If you’re looking for traditional wedding photos, having all of your bridesmaids wear the same dress might be the look you want. Weddings tend to have themes, and this is one way to make sure everyone in the wedding party fits that theme.

You can opt to pick out the dress for them on your own or with input from your bridesmaids. If you go this route, be sure you consider what would look best on your bridesmaids and what they would enjoy wearing. Ultimately, you want your bridesmaids to feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day.

Con: Cost of Dresses

To have bridesmaids wear the same formal dress, you often need to go to a bridal store to pick out dresses. This can be very expensive, as they won’t be able to find a second-hand dress or opt to buy a dress when it goes on sale. The price tag may be too high for some potential bridesmaids to be able to participate, even if the bridesmaids do get to choose their own style.

Pro: It’s Easy to Match to Groomsmen Colors

Many bridal stores and tuxedo rental stores work from the same palette of colors. If you choose a certain shade of green for your bridesmaid dresses, it’s very easy to find vests or bow ties to match your bridesmaid dress color. If every bridesmaid picks out their own dress, there won’t be any color scheme to match it. This could be a problem for some brides who have a certain aesthetic they want to achieve. 

Con: Buying a Dress They’ll Only Wear Once

In most cases, bridesmaid dresses are only worn once. This means that so much money, time, and resources are spent on a dress that isn’t going to be reused. Sometimes there is hope that a dress can be shortened or is in a style that can be reworn. However, this isn’t a guarantee.

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Having bridesmaids is an essential part of the wedding planning process. They are the friends who will stand by you on your big day and support you as you take this huge leap in your life. However, it can be a tricky process to find the perfect dress for each one of them. You may decide to forgo having bridesmaids wear matching dresses completely.

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