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The season you choose to have your wedding will set the tone for your special day. The vibrant colors and cozy atmosphere make autumn a popular choice for many couples. Spanning late September and early December, fall offers a romantic atmosphere for weddings. 

However, before you say “I do,” it is vital to consider some crucial aspects to ensure it aligns with your vision. Windows on the Water can help you determine what season you want your wedding in and will help create your dream vision. 

7 Aspects to Consider of an Autumn Wedding

From vibrant colors to striking textures, there’s no denying that autumn has its share of aspects to consider if you want your wedding during the fall. The following are some aspects to consider for a fall wedding:

1. Embracing the Natural Beauty

Autumn is known for its breathtaking natural beauty, with vibrant leaves in red, orange, and gold shades. It allows couples to embrace the season’s natural beauty and incorporate it into their wedding decor. Outdoor venues, such as Windows on the Water’s gorgeous venue, offer a stunning backdrop for your ceremony and photographs. Autumn allows you and your guests to revel in the enchanting visual experience that it is. 

2. Costs & Availability of Venues and Vendors

Popular wedding seasons, such as spring and summer, often have high demand and increased costs for venues, vendors, and other wedding services. Fall, a less traditional wedding season, offers more availability and potentially more cost-effective options. This allows you to reallocate your budget or splurge on other elements that are important to you. 

3. Intimate Ambiance

Autumn is the perfect opportunity for intimate weddings with a romantic atmosphere. Crackling fires, candlelit and soft-lit ceremonies, and the muted autumn colors tend to evoke feelings of intimacy. Including a hot cider station would be a great way of enhancing the atmosphere of your ceremony.

4. Guest Travel and Schedules

Consider the schedules and availability of your guests when selecting an autumn wedding date. Autumn is when many people return to work or school routines after summer vacations. Ensure your chosen dates allow enough time for your guests to make necessary arrangements. 

5. Weather Considerations

If you choose to have your wedding in a cooler climate in autumn, outdoor venues may be out of the question depending on the weather. While this should not deter you from a fall wedding, you should plan to ensure the weather does not disrupt your big day. Renting tents and heaters can go a long way in ensuring your ceremony is a success, even with the chill.

6. Attire and Comfort

Autumn temperatures can vary, requiring thoughtful consideration when selecting wedding attire. For outdoor ceremonies or receptions, offer some options for your guests to stay warm, such as blankets. Brides can opt for long-sleeved gowns, while grooms can incorporate seasonal accessories like tweed suits or autumn-inspired boutonnieres. 

7. Shorter Daylight Hours

Fall months are characterized by shorter and shorter days. The timing of activities is crucial to getting perfect outdoor photos. The sun can set quickly, so you need to be strategic in your planning.

Discover the Perfect Autumn Wedding at Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, located in New Jersey, we understand the magic of autumn weddings. Our stunning waterfront venue provides a breathtaking backdrop for your special day, complemented by the season’s vibrant colors. From the serene lake views to our beautifully landscaped grounds, every moment will be infused with natural beauty and a romantic ambiance.

When you choose Windows on the Water, you gain access to our expert team, who will assist you in curating an unforgettable autumn wedding. Our versatile indoor and outdoor spaces, impeccable service, and attention to detail ensure that your big day is nothing short of extraordinary. Take the first step toward your perfect autumn wedding. Contact us at (609) 208-9475 or by filling out our online form.