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Getting married is one of the biggest commitments you can make in life, and it’s important to celebrate with your friends and family. One way to do this is by having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. This can be a great way to involve everyone in your celebration and have fun with both sides of friends.

But before you decide on having a joint party, it’s important to know that there are both pros and cons to doing this. Windows on the Water can help you figure out the bachelor and bachelorette planning too, and we can answer any questions you may have about how to set this up.

Pros of Having a Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

There are a few great reasons to have a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, including:

1. Saving on Cost

One of the biggest pros to having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party is that it can help you save money. Instead of having two separate events, you can combine them into one, which should mean lower costs overall.

Also, if you prefer to put all of your resources into your wedding, a joint party can help you save money so that you can put it toward the wedding instead.

2. Easier To Plan

There’s no doubt about it—planning a single party can be much easier than planning two separate events. For one, there will be fewer people to coordinate with and fewer venues to consider. 

Plus, it makes it easier for guests to attend, as they don’t have to worry about attending two different parties if they’re friends with both sides of the wedding party.  

3. More Fun

Having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party also means that there will be more people to share in the fun. You’ll have twice as many friends and family members attending, which can make for an even better time. 

In addition, you’ll get to spend some much-needed quality time with your friends and family before the big day. This comes with its own perk, as it serves as a good ice-breaker for each set of friends and family who haven’t met.

4. More Memorable

Having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party is also more memorable. After all, it’s not every day you get to celebrate such an important occasion with both sides of the family and friends in attendance. 

5. Easier to Arrange Accommodations

If you’re planning on having a destination party, having a joint party can make it easier to arrange accommodations for your guests. This is especially true if you’re able to secure a group rate at a hotel. 

Cons of Having a Joint Bachelor and Bachelorette Party

Now let’s take a look at some of the cons to having a joint bachelor and bachelorette party: 

1. Less Privacy

One potential downside is that it could be harder for you to get some privacy with your partner. With twice as many people attending, it could be harder for the two of you to have a moment or two together without feeling like you’re being watched. 

2. Less Personalization

It’s true that a joint party is easier to organize, but that also means that it may be more difficult to personalize. Since you’re essentially combining both parties into one, some ideas and preferences will almost certainly end up on the cutting room floor.

Moreover, the event will likely be more generic in nature, so it could be harder to make it something special that you and your partner would both enjoy.

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