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Wedding ceremonies usually follow a predictable program. There are many different ways to organize a wedding ceremony, but they tend to follow societal and religious practices. However, there is no rule saying you cannot conduct your wedding ceremony in whatever way you wish.

You can make a few changes to an established ceremony style or design your wedding ceremony from scratch. It is all up to you, and you must ensure that you have a few basic things in place. Consider a deeper look at non-traditional wedding ceremony styles.

Non-Traditional Wedding Processional Order

A non-traditional wedding is one where the couple doesn’t follow the traditional order of things. For example, they may have their wedding party walk down the aisle in a different order than usual, or they may not exchange rings during the ceremony. Non-traditional weddings are becoming increasingly popular as couples look for ways to make their wedding day unique.

Non-Traditional Wedding Unity Ideas

There are many ways to make your wedding day unique and special. If you are looking for something a little non-traditional, there are many non-traditional wedding unity ideas that you can use to make your ceremony unforgettable. Here are a few of our favorite non-traditional unity ceremony ideas:

Sand Ceremony

A sand ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize the coming together of two lives. During this ceremony, the officiant will pour two different colors of sand into a single vase, representing the joining of two lives into one.

Handfasting Ceremony

A handfasting ceremony is an ancient tradition revived in recent years. During the ceremony, the officiant will bind the hands of the bride and groom together with a ribbon or cord representing their union.

Unity Candle

A unity candle ceremony is a popular choice for many couples. During this ceremony, the bride and groom each light a different candle, then use those candles to light a larger unity candle together. This represents the joining of their two lives into one flame.

Winebox Ceremony

A wine box ceremony is a unique way to symbolize your commitment to each other. During this ceremony, the couple will write love letters and seal them in a box with a bottle of wine to be enjoyed later.

Have Bridesmaids Wear White

Let the wedding party wear white is a non-traditional idea that can add a unique touch to your wedding. While it’s not traditional for the bridesmaids to wear white, it can be a stunning and elegant look for your wedding party. If you’re considering this non-traditional wedding idea, discuss it with your wedding party to see what they think.

Skip Having a Wedding Party

Why not forego the wedding party entirely if you’re considering a non-traditional wedding idea? This can save on attire, flowers, and other wedding party-related expenses. Plus, it allows you to focus on your wedding colors and style rather than being limited by traditional wedding party attire.

Every Wedding is Special

Your wedding is a great day, and you will have a memorable time. Designing your ceremony doesn’t need to be stressful or complicated. You can get help from wedding planners and venues who have experience with non-traditional ceremonies.

At Windows on the Water, we host weddings and receptions of all kinds. Let us know if you need help planning a wedding ceremony, non-traditional or traditional. We can help you get everything moving in the right direction and relieve a lot of the stress. Call Windows on the Water at (732) 842-8463 for a consultation about your wedding or contact us here.