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Your wedding is your day to shine. The ceremony and reception should be perfectly reflective of you, your spouse, and your interests. As you scour the internet for ideas, you may find the traditional dresses and decorations just don’t do it for you. You want something as bright and eclectic as your personality. 

Windows on the Water is an 86-acre wedding venue with a team ready to support your specific goals and ideas for your wedding. We cater to each guest and help ensure they walk out into a physical representation of the wedding they’ve always dreamed of. We’re here to help you achieve whatever vision you may be looking for on your wedding day. 

4 Eccentric and Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Reception Decor

In order to light your creative spark and get the mood board juices flowing, our team of wedding planning professionals has gathered four eccentric ideas to set your big day apart from the rest. Unique decor possibilities can include the following: 

Mixed and Matched Chairs

Your reception is a place for people to sit and eat and converse. You have a wide variety of people attending your wedding, like friends, family, coworkers, and old neighbors. Why not have your chairs represent that? 

Fill your reception room with bright blues and deep reds. Some chairs may have long backs, and others with extensive wooden carvings. Of course, you will want to ensure the seating arrangements are as comfortable as they are aesthetically pleasing. You don’t want grandma getting stuck on a yellow stool while her grandchildren are sitting nice and comfortable in green suede hightops. This striking arrangement is sure to invoke feelings of coziness and comfort and make your wedding reception feel more like you. 

DIY Table Markers

It’s the small details that will truly set you apart from the traditional decorations of your parent’s past. Having a quirky DIY marker on each table to signify the table number can be a fun and memorable way to alert guests to their seats. This is an easily personalized decoration and can be catered to the season. 

For example, for winter weddings, consider putting out “ugly” Christmas tree decorations on each table for the guests to get a good laugh at. The markers could also be funny inside looks at the bride and groom’s life, like a cute baby photo for table number two or an old stuffed animal for table three. 

Embroidered Hankies 

Your vows were the perfect mix of sappy and sweet and had the whole room crying, right? Allow your attendees the opportunity to wipe their tears with an embroidered handkerchief. You can have them available at each table already or at the front of the reception for when people first walk in. Consider embroidering with the date of your wedding or your and your partner’s initials. 

For an even more personal touch, you could have each embroidered with the guests’ names as a two-in-one takeaway to remember your special day for years to come. 

Game Stations 

After the speeches have been given and the food has been eaten, the dance floor is open. People alternate between giving it their all to the 90s throwbacks or grabbing a drink at the bar. Keep the fun going by scattering game stations around the venue. They will not only add to the look of the reception but the atmosphere as well. 

Game ideas can include anything from silly physical ones like scavenger hunts to smaller, more intimate ones, like “predict the future,” where guests can bet on life milestones like children, first house, etc. 

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