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As a bride, a bridal shower is an excellent opportunity to celebrate your impending nuptials with your closest friends and family. It is a time for your loved ones to come together and celebrate this momentous occasion with you, and you should aim to make it as memorable and enjoyable as possible. When preparing for a bridal shower, coming up with bridal shower games that will keep people engaged can be difficult.

Windows on the Water can help you with every step of your wedding, including the bridal shower. We’ve come up with a list of some of the best bridal shower games and activities your guests are sure to love.

Top 4 Bridal Shower Games and Activities Your Guests Will Love

Weddings and games have a lot of common elements, including that they bring people together. When you’re looking for the perfect game for your wedding, consider the following:

The Newlywed Game

The newlywed game is an all-time classic that will get your guests laughing. In this game, couples are asked questions about their relationship and about the person they are about to marry. The answers are often comical, revealing, and sometimes even relatively embarrassing. This game is an excellent ice-breaker that puts everyone in the party mood.

Themed Scavenger Hunt

If you want to add an element of fun and competition to your bridal shower, a scavenger hunt is the way to go. Guests can be divided into teams and given a list of items to find or tasks to complete. The first team to finish wins the game. The setting of this activity matters. It requires a large enough area, such as our gorgeous venue in New Jersey. 

Guess The Guest

Guess the guest is a great game for larger groups, as it involves everybody. In this game, each guest receives a card with the name of another guest on it. They must write down three things about that person without letting them know they are their “match.” Then, these results are read out loud and the other guests have to see if they know who it is. 

Predict The Future

Predicting the future can be a spellbinding game, particularly when set in an amazing venue. Unlike other games, this one doesn’t require special props or materials; all you need is a pen and some paper. Guests write down their predictions for the bride and groom’s future. These can be about their relationship, careers, children, or anything else –the sky’s the limit. The answers can then be shared with everyone or placed in a basket for the bride and groom to read privately later. 

With these games and activities, your guests will have an unforgettable experience at your bridal shower. But most importantly, they will be able to celebrate your love and support you as you embark on this new chapter in your life.

Choose the Window on the Water for Your Bridal Shower in New Jersey

Now that you have a list of fun games and activities for your bridal shower, it’s time to start thinking about the venue. What you select plays a significant role in setting the tone for the event. For a more relaxed atmosphere, consider having the bridal shower at a park or in someone’s backyard when on a budget. If you prefer something fancier, plenty of gorgeous venues are available, such as the Windows on the Water in New Jersey.

Are you looking for the perfect place to host your bridal shower? Look no further than the Windows on the Water. Our banquet hall offers a unique and picturesque setting that will make your event unforgettable. Contact us online today or call us at (609) 208-9475 to learn more about our facilities and pricing. Our friendly staff will be happy to make your event a success.