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When two people from different cultures marry, their wedding presents a beautiful opportunity to showcase the blending of two heritages and cultures. A multicultural wedding is a unique experience that can expose guests to elements from each culture that might be unfamiliar to them. One of the main ways in which the happy couple can incorporate each of their cultures into the wedding is through the cuisine. Creating a multicultural wedding menu involves working closely with a talented caterer, tasting delicious trial dishes, and not being afraid to infuse traditional flavors into non-traditional dishes.

At Windows on the Water, we want to help you celebrate not only the union between you and your partner, but also the union between your families and cultures. Your multicultural wedding will look absolutely stunning on our 86-acre private resort. Our talented staff will make sure that you and your guests receive superb service as you feast on the multicultural cuisine and celebrate your marriage.

Choose a Caterer With Experience Making the Food You Want at Your Multicultural Wedding

Caterers understand the importance of creating a grand wedding menu that contains at least one thing that every person can enjoy. When two people from different cultures come together in marriage, the reception meal is an opportunity to blend together flavors from different cuisines. Your wedding menu can include as many or as few homages to you and your partner’s cultures as you wish. It is important to seek out a caterer who has experience cooking dishes and using certain flavors within your and your partner’s cultures.

As part of your planning process, you and your fiancé should get to know the caterer and let them get to know you as a couple. Ask about previous multicultural weddings that the caterer has worked on. Additionally, let the caterer know about you and your partner’s favorite family dishes, beloved recipes, and favorite flavors that you want to emphasize at your wedding. The right caterer will listen to you and create a personalized menu that captures both of your cultures through dishes that go well together.

Fusion Is a Creative Way to Blend Cultures and Create a Multicultural Wedding Menu

You and your partner should get creative with your wedding menu. Your caterer may be able to take elements from your and your partner’s cultures and infuse these flavors and ingredients into dishes that your guests will love. While traditional dishes are classics for a reason, you and your fiancé may not want to serve your guests a menu entirely composed of traditional dishes from two starkly different cultures. 

A talented caterer may be able to treat your guests to new flavors that they have not eaten before in unique fusion dishes. Fusion dishes are a great way to incorporate elements from different cultures into dishes that virtually everyone can enjoy. If you wish to compromise between traditional dishes and non-traditional dishes, you may be able to sprinkle in some traditional sides and desserts from your and your partner’s cultures.

Also, you should always schedule a tasting with your caterer to nail down the final menu. When you and your partner attend the tasting, do not be afraid to speak up and let the caterer know what dishes you like and which dishes you would prefer not to serve at the wedding reception. Giving honest feedback is the best way to ensure that your multicultural wedding menu contains the finest dishes for you and your guests.

Choose Windows on the Water for Your Multicultural Wedding

Whether your guest list is big or small, you will want to serve delicious food at your multicultural wedding. When done properly, the food is one of the aspects that wedding guests will rave about for days and months to come. You and your partner should work with your caterer to create a unique menu that blends both of your cultures into delicious dishes. At Windows on the Water, our in-house catering options contain a wide array of cuisine for you to choose from, including dishes inspired by many different cultures.

Windows on the Water is the perfect wedding venue to host your multicultural wedding. Your ceremony will look breathtaking on our grounds, and your guests will enjoy the delicious multicultural cuisine at your reception. If you want to start planning your multicultural wedding with us, please fill out our contact form or call (609) 208-9475 today.