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Today, multicultural and interfaith wedding ceremonies are becoming more and more common as the blending of cultures becomes less taboo. Couples planning these weddings will face unique challenges as they attempt to appease and respect both cultures. It’s a difficult terrain to traverse, but it’s definitely manageable. Just keep these six considerations in mind when planning your multicultural wedding, and everything should run pretty smoothly.

Check-In With Religious Institutions

Although most religious officiants are accepting of interfaith unions, it’s important to note that not all are. You’ll want to arrange a meeting with your officiant to ensure that they are open to an interfaith union prior to booking. If you are holding your ceremony at a church, synagogue, or other religious institution, we recommend checking in with your venue to confirm their acceptance of multicultural marriages before finalizing any dates or paying any deposits.

Include Customs in Your Wedding Invitations

Make sure your guests are aware of any dress code or etiquette guidelines that need to be followed by including this information in your wedding invitations. If your wedding celebrations are spread out over multiple days, you’ll want to communicate this in your invites as well. Providing this information to your guests ahead of time will ensure that all of your wedding guests are able to plan ahead if needed and will help them to avoid embarrassing themselves. The last thing you want is for Uncle Joe to unintentionally disrespect the in-laws by accidentally wearing his shoes into the sacred temple.

Get Creative with Food and Drinks

If there’s anything that can bring people together, it’s food. Try getting creative with the food and drinks you’ll have at your wedding by incorporating favorite dishes from both cultures or serving fusion dishes – kimchi quesadillas, anyone?

Have a Bilingual Ceremony

If all of your guests don’t speak the same language, you may want to think about having a bilingual ceremony. To ensure that the ceremony flows well and is translated clearly, we suggest either hiring a bilingual officiant or a professional translator rather than enlisting a friend or family member to do the honors.

Wear Clothing from Both Cultures

Like food and drinks, clothing is a lovely way to showcase the blending of cultures. Search for modern renditions of traditional clothing or try having the bride wear traditional clothing from the groom’s culture or vice-versa.

Consider Having Two Ceremonies

Sometimes it can be difficult to satisfy two cultures, especially when they have conflicting traditions. If it starts to become too challenging to appease both, you may want to think about holding two separate ceremonies. If your budget can swing it, this will guarantee that each culture is properly represented.

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