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Accommodating your neurodivergent guests’ needs may need to be taken into consideration as you make your wedding plans. For example, accounting for the sensory elements of your wedding is a great way to make your wedding more palatable for people with autism. Additionally, you should let your guests know the itinerary ahead of time and avoid surprises, especially surprises with loud noises. With a little bit of extra love and care, your wedding can be everything you want it to be while also being inclusive of those with autism.

If you plan to invite neurodivergent guests to your wedding, you can take proactive steps to make your wedding a fun experience for them. You want all of your guests to have a good time and share in the celebration of your marriage. At Windows on the Water, we want to work with you to create the most inclusive setting for your guests with autism.

Be Mindful of the Sensory Elements That Will Affect Neurodivergent Guests at Your Wedding

There are ways you can make your big day autism-friendly without singling out your neurodivergent guests. You can make the following adjustments to the sensory aspects of your wedding to accommodate your loved ones with autism:

  • Noise: High noise levels can become overwhelming for autistic people. You should tell your DJ or live band to avoid playing music at extremely loud volumes. Encourage your guests with autism to bring ear plugs, or provide the ear protection yourself as wedding favors at the reception. Additionally, you should designate a separate room or lounge where guests can retreat to get a break from the noise.
  • Lights: Flashing lights can trigger certain people, so you should avoid using them at your wedding reception. If you know that strobe lights or flashing lights will be used, you should give your guests a warning beforehand.
  • Food: You should let your guests know what food will be served ahead of your wedding. This will allow your neurodivergent guests to eat before the wedding if they are sensitive to the food on your wedding menu.

When you know that people with autism are going to attend your wedding, you do not have to undo all your wedding plans. Simply take their needs into consideration and make slight adjustments to the sensory elements of your wedding to make the day enjoyable for everyone.

Try to Avoid Surprising the Neurodivergent Guests at Your Wedding

For people with autism, not knowing what will happen next can be anxiety-inducing and overwhelming. You can help ease the minds of your guests by providing the itinerary of your wedding and reception ahead of time. You could include the itinerary on your wedding invitations or on your wedding website. In addition to letting your neurodivergent guests know the itinerary, you might want to arrange for those guests to sit near an exit in case they become overstimulated and need to exit for a while to calm down.

As you plan your wedding, consider holding the ceremony and reception outside. Being outside will keep the volume level regulated and reduce the chances of overcrowding certain areas.

Let Windows on the Water Host Your Autism-Friendly Wedding

Your friends or family members with autism should be able to attend your wedding without the fear of being overwhelmed. You should be mindful of sensory elements at your wedding that can overstimulate people with autism and try to accommodate them as best you can. If you plan to invite neurodivergent guests to your wedding, you can take steps to ensure their comfort and ease in attending such a big event. Windows on the Water contains beautiful grounds, and it would be the perfect venue to host your inclusive wedding.

At Windows on the Water, we want you to host the wedding of your dreams with the people who mean the most to you. Every single one of your guests deserves to be comfortable and have fun celebrating you. We will work with you to create an inclusive setting for your wedding guests with autism. To begin planning your wedding today, call (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form.