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The time has come. You’ve written your guest list, double-checked it with your partner, and secured your venue. Now you have to send out invitations. While drafting an invitation may seem straightforward, you can still find yourself unsure of what to write on a wedding invitation. 

When in doubt, refer back to this ultimate guide to invitation reception card wording. We’ll make sure you have wedding invitations that are concise, informative, and sweet in the mail ASAP.

Wedding Invitations Provide Information

At their core, your wedding invitations are meant to share information about your big day. You need to express that information concisely and clearly if you want your potential guests to get the most value out of that content. 

With that in mind, keep your invitation under 150 words at the most. Include your name, your loved one’s name, and the actual invitation you intend to extend. For example, the first line of your invitation could read: “X and Y would like to invite you to our wedding,” or “You’re invited to X and Y’s wedding!”

Make sure you also include your:

Venue Address(es)

You’ve picked out a beautiful venue for your upcoming wedding. Now you just need to get people there! Make sure you include your venue’s address right beneath your and your loved ones’ names. If you have different venues for your ceremony and reception, make sure to mark which venue is which.

Dates and Times

When is your wedding taking place? What time of day do you want your loved ones to meet? This information comes right beneath your venue’s address in terms of importance. You can even let invitees know that they are free to arrive thirty minutes to an hour before your ceremony begins.

Dress Code

If you feel the need to specify a dress code for your guests, you can use your invitation to do so. You can also include your contact information if you think any of your possible guests may have questions about what outfits may or may not be appropriate to wear to your big day.

Include an Opportunity to RSVP

Invitations do more than give your guests information about your wedding. They also let you keep track of how many people are coming to your ceremony. While modern technology has made it easier than ever to get in touch with your loved ones, you can still include an envelope or response card along with your invitation.

Response cards allow your guests to do more than let you know whether or not they’re coming to your wedding. They can also use these cards to request songs and elaborate on dietary restrictions.

If you’re concerned some of this information might get lost in the mail, you can create a digital RSVP database for guests to register with. You can then include the database URL in your invitation for guests to fill out at their leisure.

Consider Combining “Save the Dates” and Invitations

There’s an incredible amount of papercraft that goes into the average wedding. Even before you consider programs and dinner menus, you have to think about “save the dates” as well as your invitations.

Fortunately, the modern wedding scene is changing how it looks at “save the dates.” There are some couples that are now combining their “save the dates” with their invitations. This works best if your “save the date” is simple and/or small. Magnets, bottle openers, and other unique “save the dates” may still need to be sent separately.

Wedding Invitations Do Not Have to be Individualized

You may be tempted to individualize your wedding invitations. While adding a bit of personality via design is never a bad idea, you don’t need to write unique notes on each invitation you send out. Drafting bulk invitations allows you to ensure that all of the information on each invitation is as accurate and readable as possible.

Let’s Get Windows on the Water on Your Wedding Invitations

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