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If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate creative ideas into your wedding, you may want to start looking into showing off your favorite quotes at your wedding reception. Nothing personalizes a wedding more than using a unique theme and gathering the best phrases and quotes in the background of your photos and memories. Quotes can be anything from funny insiders, romantic quotes, a line from your favorite book or movie, or anything that sets the mood for a couple and their wedding guests to enjoy the party. 

This particular day is meant to be remembered, and if you want to incorporate your favorite words into your wedding creatively, there are a few ways you can do that without clashing with the theme or decor. At Windows On The Water, our beautiful outdoor New Jersey wedding venue can help you create the best memories possible on your special day. 

How to Show Off Your Favorite Quotes at Your Wedding 

If you are considering incorporating some of your favorite quotes on your wedding day, you may be wondering how you can make that happen without clashing with the decor or even cluttering your tables and venue setup. Fortunately, these trendy ideas have looked beautiful and unique for many weddings in recent years, and these tips may help you make your wedding dreams come true. 

1. Neon Signs 

A unique way to include a short quote or a few words into your decor is with a neon sign. These signs are custom-made with your chosen words and font. If your wedding party overlaps into the evening time, your neon sign can create a fun background for evening pictures. You can choose to hang your signs or posters on a wall, in a photo booth, or as a backdrop for your guests to capture great moments. A custom neon sign is also a fun keepsake that you can use later. 

2. Photo Backdrop 

For more extended quotes and phrases, you may want to have customized fabric pieces that fit within a backdrop for your wedding. You can choose to match your wedding colors for your theme and customize the font that best suits your wedding decor. This idea is also great if you are not yet sure where each decor piece will be placed, as you can move a customized backdrop to fit in different areas. 

3. Customized Sign 

Depending on the theme of your wedding, a customized sign can help you stay within the decor and style you are looking for. Your signs can be custom-made to suit your style, from wooden boards, glass, painted signs, and other materials or customizable options. Also, if you’re looking to showcase a longer quote or phrase, you can choose a longer board or sign to be made visible along a wall or beside a table.

4. Cake Topper 

A unique way to add a fun quote to your wedding day is with a cake topper. You can customize a cake topper to incorporate your last name, favorite phrase, or anything that you want to showcase on your wedding cake to make this day memorable and fun. Like a sign or other decor, a cake topper is also a great keepsake from the day of your union. 

5. Table Backdrops 

Table backdrops are typically used to decorate a wedding party’s food tables, activities tables, or any other unique station you have set up for your guests. You can customize table backdrops as decor for your different tables and activities. The organization and well-put-together ideas will amaze your guests and create great memories. 

6. Photo Booth Signs 

If you want to use a photo booth at your event, a great way to incorporate your quotes and phrases is by creating props for your booth. Your guests can use fun glasses, scarves, masks, and small signs with fun sayings to take memorable pictures with other guests at your event. 

7. Banners 

A great way to make a grand entrance is with a custom banner that prepares the way for your entrance. As your guests arrive at the venue, a customized banner can hang over the entryway for all to see. This is also a great way to add the date of your wedding to your decor and any fun phrases or quotes you love. 

8. Wedding Favor Display 

If you want your guests to have a memory of your wedding, customizing wedding favors are a great way to give them a keepsake. You can customize the quotes, phrases, or date of the wedding to be added to their wedding favor and take along with them at the end of the day. This may seem like a small detail, but it will be a unique and memorable piece of an important milestone in your life that your guests can take with them. 

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