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Choosing to invite children to your wedding reception is an important decision. If you decide to have them at your wedding, it is crucial to keep them entertained to ensure the ceremony runs without hiccups. Planning a wedding reception catering to adults and children can be an exciting challenge.

Summer weddings offer the perfect weather to plan exciting and engaging activities to entertain your youngest guests. It is vital to ensure children have the best time without disrupting your adult guests. Windows on the Water can help you plan your perfect reception.

Fun Summer Activities to Incorporate at Your Wedding Reception

We have curated some of the most exciting summer activities that will make your wedding reception a memorable experience for children, including:

1. Outdoor Games and Sports

Set up an outdoor play area with a variety of games and sports that children can enjoy. Classic games like sack races, tug-of-war, or three-legged races are great for laughter and friendly competition. You can also include lawn games such as cornhole, Giant Jenga, or ring toss. These activities will keep children entertained and active throughout the reception.

2. Water Play

Incorporating water play activities can be a refreshing and enjoyable option, especially during hot summer days. Small inflatable pools and water sprinklers where children can splash around and cool off are exciting ways to ensure they have the best time. Provide water toys, such as water guns or water balloons, for extra fun. Be sure to designate a specific area for water play, away from other games and activities. Importantly, ensure adult supervision for safety.

3. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Organize a child-friendly scavenger hunt around the wedding venue or outdoor area. Create a list of items or specific locations the children can find, such as a special flower, a hidden treasure, or a specific landmark. Offer small prizes or certificates for those who complete the scavenger hunt. This activity promotes exploration among children while keeping them engaged and entertained.

4. Children’s Tent

Set up a white-cloth tent on the lawn that children can play in. No adults allowed! Add some pillows, arts and crafts stations, and other fun activities for them in the tent. Disposable cameras or a photo booth with props and costumes is also a fun idea. Children can capture their own fun moments to remember your wedding. You can also set up small stations where children can make their own crafts, such as friendship bracelets or paper crowns.

5. Kids’ Dance Party

Arrange a dedicated dance area where children can groove to their favorite tunes. Set up a mini disco ball, play energetic music, and encourage them to showcase their dance moves. Consider hiring a kids’ entertainer or a children’s DJ who can lead dance routines and games. This activity allows children to burn off energy while enjoying the festivities in their own way.

Create Unforgettable Summer Memories for Children at Windows on the Water

Incorporating fun summer activities for children at your wedding reception ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience. By considering their needs and providing age-appropriate activities, you create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that the children and their parents will appreciate. At Windows on the Water, we understand the importance of creating a joyous celebration that includes every member of your wedding guests, including the children. Our picturesque waterfront venue provides the perfect setting for an array of engaging and entertaining activities that will keep the little ones delighted throughout your reception.

When you choose Windows on the Water as your wedding venue, our experienced team will work closely with you to seamlessly incorporate these activities into your reception. We understand the importance of creating a child-friendly atmosphere and ensuring parents can relax and enjoy the festivities while their children are entertained. Make your summer wedding a day to remember for everyone. Contact us at (609) 208-9475 to speak with an event planner or to book an appointment online.