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Your wedding day is a few weeks away, and you’re eagerly anticipating a very memorable day for your guests. A top concern is what the menu should be, and you have plenty of options.

Today, there’s a growing trend when it comes to wedding menus. More couples are opting for something truly unique: an all-vegan menu. These days, caterers are discovering they’re getting plenty of requests for vegan menus, which excludes animal meats like fish or chicken or any foods produced by animals, like dairy products. 

So what’s left? Quite a bit, as many couples have discovered, and their vegan menu also serves the purpose of fully respecting the dietary restrictions of friends or relatives, while at the same time offering meals that are healthy to eat, nutritious — and delicious.

So let’s take a closer look at why vegan menus are becoming a hot item at weddings today.

Why are More Couples Choosing Vegan Wedding Menus?

Even if you have a gorgeous venue, first-rate musicians performing, and stunning decor, let’s face it, food is going to be a top star at your wedding. You want to be certain your guests are not only well-fed but that you can accommodate the diets and allergies of everyone there.  But deciding on how to balance meat dishes with vegetarian plates can get complicated.

The number of Americans who are vegetarian is growing — according to a 2018 Gallup poll, up to 5% of Americans now have a strictly vegetarian diet, while another 2% are vegan. If you have a large wedding party, isn’t it possible that at least some of your guests will fall into that category? And accommodating them means trying to figure out what special dishes to offer at your wedding to the meat-free world. 

But the other option is to go for an entirely vegan menu and stop worrying about balancing the two and accommodating the special needs of anyone. Why force some guests to bypass the chicken, beef, and fish plates and instead just go straight for the veggie stack? Do your guests have to be limited to roasted vegetables and nothing more?

There’s plenty of room for creativity with a vegan wedding menu, and going down that route — rather than trying to figure out how you can keep vegan guests happy — means one less thing to be stressful about. 

What Options Do You Have with a Vegan Menu?

You always want your wedding food to be delicious and to hear your guests raving about it afterward, but going with a vegan menu also allows you to demonstrate how delicious vegan food is. There are unique recipes for a vegan wedding menu, and that ranges from your hors d’d’oeuvres to the main meal to the wedding cake.

Vegan Soups and Salads

Soup is a popular wedding option, and there are some interesting choices here. A creamy carrot bisque? A watermelon gazpacho? Chilled strawberry soup? 

You also have different options when it comes to salads — so why just have one? Kale Salad, grain salad, radish salad, spring greens, fruit salad, spinach salad and summer watermelon salad are just some of the choices you can make. Serve them with a side of gluten-free multigrain rolls.

Main Entrees for Vegans

Just as you have lots of choices for your flower arrangements and table settings, the same is true with your vegan menu. And if you’re thinking about this menu, you’re not alone. Pinterest’s Wedding Report 2018 says the number of people searching for vegan dishes is up nearly 200%.

So what are some optics for your main meal? Consider exploring the delights of:

  • Vegan mac and cheese
  • Spicy Tofu
  • Grilled tofu with stir-fried vegetables
  • Lasagnette 
  • Cheese and roasted root vegetables 
  • Couscous with chickpeas and leeks
  • Grilled vegan flatbread

You could opt for several of these dishes, offering your guests a mix-and-match of their own choosing. There’s a lot more to offer than simply a plate of roasted vegetables.

The bottom line is weddings are a beautiful celebration of love, which is why the bride and groom and their entire wedding party deserve a menu that’s healthy and vibrant. A vegan menu is increasingly popular because there are so many creative ways to keep guests happy once the meal is served, without anyone’s dietary restrictions getting in the way.

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