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Paper RSVP replies are an age-old wedding tradition. However, technology has posed some competitive alternatives to postal reply cards. Increasingly, engaged couples are turning to the internet to streamline the planning process. If you are planning a tent or outdoor wedding, you should consider opting for an online invitation platform.  It’s no secret that keeping track of all the details of your big day can be stressful.  With an online RSVP system, you can eliminate the headache of manually organizing your guest list. Here are some ways virtual wedding platforms can enhance the planning process. 

You Won’t Have to Manually Track Guest Responses

If you send out written RSVP notes, you will have to manually count and keep track of all your guest’s responses. One of the main benefits of an online RSVP system is that it will organize your guest list for you. This can be especially helpful for keeping track of guest lists for multiple wedding events. For example, an online RSVP system will organize the guests coming to your rehearsal dinner separately from the guests attending your reception. 

Added Space Allows for Customized Invitations 

One of the drawbacks of written wedding invitations is limited space. On a small card, you might only have room for your guests to check a box denoting their attendance and entrée choice. With an online RSVP system, you can ask all the questions you want. For example, you could customize your invitations to include a line for song requests. 

Online Invitations Are Environmentally Friendly and Cost-effective

Mailing out 200 or more paper invites can quickly add up to be an expensive bill. When you choose digital stationery, you’ll save money and create less paper waste. Rather than enclosing a reply card and stamped envelope with each invitation, you can provide your guests with the information to RSVP online. With digital invites, you can direct the money you would have spent on paper and postage to other festivities.

Guests Are More Likely to Respond Virtually

If you send out paper invitations, you will most likely have to constantly remind your friends and family to return their reply cards. Wrangling guests to return their paper RSVPs is a hassle. With an online RSVP system, you can simply send friendly email reminders. Guests are more likely to respond with a click than by mail.  

Friends and Family Will Visit Your Wedding Website

It is very common for engaged couples to create a wedding website that shares their love story, highlights members of their wedding party, and posts updates of their wedding events. When you put the time and energy into creating a website, you probably want your friends and family to check it out. If you use an online wedding platform, you can add a link to your wedding website and post a note encouraging your guests to give it a visit. 

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