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The ring bearer is one of the cutest members of the wedding party. Alongside the flower girl, this duo is sure to bring some extra cuteness to your tent wedding. Choosing a ring bearer, though, isn’t the most straightforward process. First, you have to decide whether you want to invite children. Even if you already have someone in mind, there are still some important details to keep in mind when picking a ring bearer.

How Old Should the Ring Bearer Be?

Anyone can fulfill any role in your wedding party—take this grandmother being a flower girl, for instance. Traditionally, though, ring bearers should be between 3 and 8 years old. Keep in mind that young children may be shy in front of large crowds, especially when most of the people are strangers. Older ring bearers may feel more comfortable in front of strangers. No matter what age you pick, the ring bearer is sure to be excited to protect your rings. (Or fake rings, if you don’t want to take any risks!)

Consider the Ring Bearer’s Parents

For simplicity, you may want to pick a ring bearer whose parents you can easily contact. Coordinating attire, photos, travel, and ceremony rehearsal will go much smoother if the parents are easy to get ahold of. For this reason alone, many brides and grooms pick a ring bearer in their immediate family or within the wedding party.

Create a List of Potential Ring Bearers

The ring bearer is typically either a bride’s or groom’s nephew. However, the son of your maid of honor or best man can act in this role. If you have a young boy of your own, the job of ring bearer is a perfect way to get them involved. Just like you can have more than one flower girl, you can have more than one ring bearer.

However, there simply may not be any male children in the family or close friend group that could be the ring bearer. You might have to think outside the box. Pre-teens or girls can serve as the ring bearer. Even a dog ring bearer is not unheard of.

Ask Your Ring Bearer the Right Way

Before you ask a child to be part of your special day, it’s important to first receive their parent’s permission. You don’t want to blindside the parents, especially if they’re not comfortable with it. Remember to discuss outfit requirements and who’s paying for the outfit when asking permission. Once you do have their approval, you can be as creative as you want when asking the ring bearer to be in the wedding. Buy them a new toy or their favorite candy and attach a sweet note.

Give Other Kids Jobs

If there are just too many kids in your life and you want to keep it one flower girl and one ring bearer, consider assigning other jobs. Young kids can hand out programs or blow bubbles, while older kids could be ushers or junior groomsmen. Allowing other kids to do something during the wedding reduces the chance of them acting out or causing a scene during the ceremony.

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