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On their big day, wedding dresses and venues aren’t the only elements brides look forward to. Accessorizing for brides is just as important as any other part of getting ready to walk down the aisle. Some pieces may have sentimental value, while others may add to your personality and style. Different accessory options compliment your dress and complete the perfect look for the special day.

At Windows on the Water, we are happy to host our beautiful outdoor New Jersey wedding venue to brides all over, with any sense of style and theme for their big day. Below you’ll find what you need to know about choosing the right wedding accessories for your special day.

Wearing a Headband Is Possible with a Veil

It may seem like bridal headbands and veils are two options to choose from rather than mix together; however, it is possible for brides who love both ideas. You can incorporate a long veil with a statement piece headband or floral headband into a beautiful accessory.

If you prefer to avoid glamorous jewelry and traditional bridal accessories, adding a headband that compliments your style and hair gives you the chance to accessorize without giving up the experience of a veil.

Jewelry Can Be Statement Pieces

Jewelry can add the final touches that complete your dream bridal look. For a dress that’s more simple and free of lace and other fabrics that add significant design, a statement necklace or earrings can add the final touches to your dress.

A bride with an alternative style and non-traditional wedding dress can use statement pieces such as earrings, headbands, bracelets, or a belt that adds details to your dress or bridal outfit.

Wear a Belt with Your Dress

It may seem surprising, but belts are a unique accessory piece for a bride. Jeweled or lined with fabric, adding a belt can create a beautiful waistline in a gown. A stylist at your bridal gown boutique can offer additional accessories that match the dress you love.

This is also a great way to incorporate meaningful pieces passed down from family members. Additionally, stylish wedding dress belts can fit many different styles and materials. Regardless of the fabric and fit you feel best in, a unique bridal belt can add detail to your beautiful appearance.

Incorporate Accessories That Are Meaningful to You

One of the best times for many families is the celebration of a couple’s union and the start of a new life. Brides and grooms may have keepsakes set aside that are passed down from previous weddings, celebrations, and walks of life. Incorporating them into your wedding day is a great way to use the jewelry, and accessory heirlooms passed down to you. You can accessorize with vintage pieces, hair accessories, jewels, rings, necklaces, or pins that remind you of your loved ones.

Brides who choose non-white and non-traditional wedding dresses can also gather unique pieces from their everyday style and personality. Grooms can also wear a family tie or handkerchief to accessorize their suit. Incorporating meaningful elements into your accessories is a great way to complete your bridal look.

Choose a Hairstyle That You Can Accessorize

Hair and makeup are both crucial parts of a bride’s day. Even grooms prepare with a haircut or grooming service to make sure they look their best for their wedding ceremony. As a bride, you have the option to add a headband, hair clips, jewels, or other accessories that match your hairstyle and dress for the event.

For brides that love florals and plants, adding accessories with this theme can create a beautiful hairdo. Coordinating with your hair and makeup team, you’ll find the best bridal hair option to incorporate your most loved pieces.

Know That You Can Mix Your Accessory Styles

Bridal styles have moved away from traditional go-to’s in different ways. Accessories like jewelry and shoes often are expected to match. However, brides often opt for comfortable shoes that won’t tire their feet during their ceremony.

Also, many brides nowadays choose to change their outfit after the ceremony. Brides use their dream dress to walk down the aisle and opt for a change of outfit and shoes during the reception. An entire outfit change can make you think you’ll need to change up your accessories; however, a headband, jewelry, and hairstyle are okay to stay throughout the whole event. Remember that you’ll want to enjoy your wedding day, so choosing accessories that you feel comfortable in is a part of that experience.

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