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Wearing white on your wedding day signifies purity, light, and innocence. The idea of a white wedding dress was born from the tradition that white also signifies virginity and sexual purity/innocence. As traditions fade and new ones form, the idea of wearing white is becoming a simple matter of preference.

The short answer is no, you don’t have to wear a white wedding dress. Here are some unique reasons why you don’t have to wear white that may help to explain your decision to your more traditional family members and guests.

Most Dresses Aren’t Actually White Anyway

Until you go wedding dress shopping, you may never consider that there are so many variations of white and cream. You will feel crazy as you try on dresses, and notice how each one is a little darker or lighter than the next. What really makes or breaks the color is the fabric. You’ll notice that dresses in lighter materials like crepe or chiffon tend to look purer white. Whereas a dress that has lots of layered taffeta, crinoline, tulle, or lace will naturally have darker undertones to it.

So, when a bride is wearing white…are they really? More than often, they’re wearing cream or ivory, both of which do not represent the same things that a pure white does.

The Wedding Industry Is Stuck in Time

The traditional aspects of weddings were put in place in the early 1940s and have barely evolved since. As an example, bridal gown sizing originated in Europe, and most American companies still go by their size charts from the 1940s. This is despite the fact that women’s bodies are entirely different now and deserve proper sizing. The traditions we still follow were born in a time where the norm was set in stone and straying away from it was unacceptable.

If you can believe it, the first woman to wear a white wedding dress was in 1840. So much has changed since then. So, when it comes to wearing a white dress, the tradition is older than you are and therefore can be deemed irrelevant if you want it to.

Will I Still Look Like a Bride If I Don’t Wear White?

Of course! There are so many ways to still look bridal even if you decide to wear a purple dress. Think of Jessica Biel and her stunning pink ball gown when she married Justin Timberlake in 2012. She looked gorgeous and completely bridal thanks to her veil, bouquet, and accessories. If you stick to a recognizable wedding dress fit and accessorize appropriately, you will be a perfect bride no matter the color of your dress.

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