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At most weddings, there will be a couple of no-show wedding guests. For whatever reason, some of your invitees might not be able to make it to your special day. This can be rude and frustrating, especially since you’ve paid for their attendance and could have offered their seats to other friends or family. 

Dealing with no-show wedding guests and the associated costs and seating changes can be overwhelming. With a great wedding planner, you can handle any last-minute surprises that come your way. Here is some advice for dealing with last-minute no-shows. 

Give Guests a Point of Contact

Many no-show wedding guests choose not to notify anyone of their last-minute change in plans. Often, this is because they don’t want to disturb the couple on their wedding day. While the intentions are good, in the long-term, the choice not to notify anyone of your change in attendance can come across negatively. To avoid this, guests should be given a point of contact with whom they can communicate. This way, if any last-minute circumstances arise for whatever reason, they have a third party to communicate with.

Be Okay with Making Last-Minute Adjustments

Luckily, many people in the wedding industry are aware that last-minute changes to the headcount can happen. Your venue and caterer are probably used to making unexpected changes to table arrangements and seating. While it might seem stressful in the moment, last-minute changes are completely normal and will not take away from the excitement of your reception.

Don’t Let No-Shows Cause You Anxiety

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. You’ll do yourself a favor by not letting no-shows and the resulting last-minute changes be a source of anxiety. Even though it can be disappointing, focus your energy on the guests who are able to attend, dance, and celebrate with you. There are a lot of valid, unforeseen reasons that could cause your guests to miss your wedding. Embracing a flexible and understanding mindset will allow you to best enjoy your wedding day.  

Reach Out With a Friendly Approach

If your wedding day has passed and you still have not heard from the no-show guests, it is a good idea to reach out. A friendly message is always the best approach, but it’s okay to let them know that you were disappointed they couldn’t make it. Your no-shows likely have a valid excuse for not showing up, such as an illness, sick relative, or canceled babysitter. Even if you don’t feel their excuse warranted missing your wedding, being the bigger person is always the best route to take. 

Be Sure to Say Thank You If a No-Show Sends You a Gift

Even if a guest missed the wedding, they might still send a wedding gift. If your no-show guests send you a wedding gift, be sure to write them a thank you note. While your feelings might be hurt by their absence, you should still let them know you appreciate the gift. 

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