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Developing a timeline is essential for a stress-free and successful wedding. Creating a timeline that fits your unique needs can help the wedding party, your families, and wedding vendors all stay organized on your big day. Having the day planned thoroughly, from getting ready through the end of the reception, can help ensure that every moment goes off without a hitch so you can focus on celebrating your love surrounded by family and friends. 

5 Tips to Consider When Developing Your Wedding Timeline

While creating your timeline may seem overwhelming with everything else you need to plan, it can actually make the rest of your planning go more smoothly. Here are the five best tips for creating the best wedding timeline for your special day:

Create Your Own Personalized Timeline

There is no shortage of pre-made wedding timelines online. While these can be helpful for gaining inspiration, no pre-made timeline will be perfect. Consider your logistics, such as when you want photos to be taken, how many toasts you will have, and how long you want your ceremony to be. Planning your timeline around your unique vision will fit your needs better than one online that is not tailored to you.

Start the Day Early

Even if your ceremony is in the late afternoon or evening, you may want to consider starting your day early in the morning. Depending on the look you are going for, hair and makeup could take two hours or more alone. This can take even more time if your bridesmaids are also getting professional beauty services. This also gives you adequate time for photos and travel to the venue despite any hiccups that may occur. If you start early, you can have peace of mind that there is time to spare. 

Create Buffers

Even if you make your wedding plan as detailed as possible, there could be certain essential things you might forget to include. Prepare for mistakes ahead of time by adding dedicated buffer time into your timeline. Along with starting early, this can help ensure that you are not rushing on your big day and that there is time to accommodate for any unexpected delays or forgotten details.

Consult with a Planning Professional

When it comes to planning a wedding timeline, no one will have more insight than your wedding planner. Your wedding planner has seen what works and what doesn’t and will use their expertise to perfect your timeline and review it for any key elements you may have overlooked. 

Make Sure Everyone Has a Copy

All of your vendors and wedding professionals should have a copy of your timeline. This can help everyone coordinate and stay on track to pull off a flawless wedding and reception. It can also be beneficial to provide your guests with a less detailed itinerary when they arrive at the venue so they know what to expect. Having as many people aware of your timeline as possible can help prevent frustrations and prevent missteps. 

Plan Your Dream Outdoor Wedding with Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, our wedding experts are here to make sure your special day is a beautiful celebration of your love that goes as smoothly as possible. Our dedicated wedding planners can help you develop a timeline that suits your unique needs so that your wedding goes exactly as you envisioned. Our beautiful 86-acre lakeside venue is the perfect setting for your ceremony and reception and will inspire precious memories years after your big day. To learn more about our scenic venue and packages, call us today at (609) 208-9475 or fill out our contact form