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Create A Unique Wedding Experience with Outdoor Tents

Planning the perfect wedding experience with an outdoor tent has so many valuable and memorable benefits.  Besides the obvious around weather, adding a 3-dimensional exhibit like an outdoor tent can create that magical moment when you come out on stage as the future Mr. and Mrs and can set the overall tone with a well-crafted outdoor design.

Size Matters with an Outdoor Tent

Whether you’re hosting a handful or up to 250 guests, choosing the right outdoor tent can help define the intimacy or WOW factor of your wedding. When thinking about the size of the tent, consider the number of people attending, the number of tables, and what the focal point will be. With current social distancing guidelines, sometimes you can splurge on that larger sized outdoor tent to ensure guests feel safe outside. Having a sizable tent with lofted ceilings can add an indoor feel as well, while keeping guests at a safe distance. 

In some cases, the size of the tent can also help you recreate the floor plan and direct the focal point. For example, placing the head table at center stage of a smaller canopy tent and adding a beautiful centerpiece for onlooking guests delivers a unique experience for the day or evening. 

Also, consider if you’d like a closed or open space tent to take advantage of a large outdoor setting while maintaining that intimate feeling. Whether you choose open air or closed, be sure to think through the entire experience with your venue or wedding coordinator.

Create A Dramatic Entrance

Sometimes all you need is a grand entrance to set the tone of your wedding and maybe save a buck or two by centering the bulk of your decor budget at the entrance. Create an adorned entryway with red carpet lighting, floral decorations, or an impressive attraction to welcome people to your reception. Guests will immediately feel like they have arrived!

Lofted Ceilings and Hanging Decor

Have you ever seen the peaks of Cirque du Soleil tents and been so curious about what goes on inside? Inside those tents is where magic is created by drawing the eye upwards to the highest point of the tent. Lofted ceilings can add a striking appeal to your wedding venue with so many decor possibilities. Adding drapery or stunning hanging chandeliers can accentuate the three-dimensional experience or create a beautiful indoor feeling while enjoying the breathtaking views of nature. 

A Clear View with an Outdoor Tent

In many cases, the surrounding landscape is all you need while leveraging all the benefits of an outdoor tent. With a clear top, you have the best of both worlds. Clear tents generate a tremendous amount of natural lighting and maintain the beauty of your outdoor setting. One way to dress up your translucent, outdoor tent could be by adding dainty lighting fixtures or floral arrangements around negative spaces to add perceived structures or dimension.

Amplify Your Color Scheme and Introduce Exquisite Décor

Your color palette can be expressed in so many ways, especially if you’re thinking about an outdoor tent and setting. Hints of accent colors, whether dark or bright, can be incorporated into the lining of tents and other areas of the tent. You would be surprised by how a splash of color can change the dynamic of your space. 

You could also consider bringing nature décor into the tent. Themes like potted plants at weddings can bring a full outdoor tent setting to life. Beautiful foliage of trees or flowers can scale from the ground up or hang delightfully from the ceilings of the tent to deliver a whimsical or modern affect. 

What Else Should You Consider?

After carefully considering if an outdoor tent will create the most memorable wedding day experience, there are a few more logistical considerations. The time of day is critical to how you use and invest in the appearance of your tent. While a translucent tent would fit well during the day, an open air tent would be perfect for evening with a little love in lighting – just make sure you adjust for bugs! Closed outdoor tents offer a more extravagant look and feel, but will add to the budget if you want to increase the decor and elegance of your tent. 

Be sure to consult your venue coordinator on specs, budgets, and other must-haves on your venue experience. Either way, outdoor tents really extend the kind of experience by adding that personal touch you’re looking for on your special day.

Elegant Outdoor Tent Weddings in Central Jersey

At Windows on the Water, we understand how important your big day is to you. We want your special day to exude elegance and style while being the backdrop to lifelong memories you and your guests will look back on fondly. 

If you’re considering an outdoor tent wedding in Central Jersey, look no further than our 86-acres of pristine forest. Our years of recognized service and knowledgeable staff will get you through this process with minimal stress and assurance that everything you want can happen without any issues. If you’re ready to start planning your wedding day, then contact us today at 609-208-9475 to receive our Windows Wedding Packet that contains menus, pricing, photos, and additional amenities and services.