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As wedding season looms in the not-so-distant future, many couples may be wondering about current wedding flower trends. Floral arrangements are a wonderful way to express your wedding’s aesthetic. In the wake of an emotional year, many wedding vendors are predicting bright and colorful flower trends along with earthy tones that symbolize renewal.

Having a beautiful arrangement of flowers will add the perfect touch to your outdoor tent wedding. If you’re planning your wedding, here are some wedding flower trends to look forward to in 2021.

Expect Bright Flowers at 2021 Weddings

Though it’s still early in 2021, signs are showing that couples are craving color. Many are choosing to use cream flowers as their base while accenting their arrangements and bouquets with extravagant colors. There are so many natural hues and shades and plenty of ways to get creative when mixing and matching different varieties.

Renewal Palettes Featuring Greens and Whites at 2021 Weddings

While many florists are getting lots of requests from couples for colorful flowers, they are also seeing a lot of people request green and white palettes. Green and white are colors that represent rebirth and renewal, and after a year that has been rife with emotional and financial stress, couples are looking to start fresh. It’s likely that many couples will unconsciously engage in this trend due to its elegant aesthetic.

Neutral Tones Will Continue at 2021 Weddings

Ivory and earth tones aren’t going anywhere. This classic palette is likely to be a popular trend in 2021. Couples continue to put personalized twists on this timeless color choice and explore the trend in creative ways. Some new earth tones that are increasing in popularity are mustard gold and copper.

Dried Flowers and Greenery Will Emerge at 2021 Weddings

While dried flowers and greenery used to be reserved for rustic wedding ceremonies, they have been gaining traction across all wedding themes. Specifically, dried eucalyptus and daisies have been used by couples to dress up their floral arrangements and create eye-catching decorations.

Wildflower Arrangements Are Gaining Traction at 2021 Weddings

Increasingly, couples and wedding planners are embracing loosely gathered centerpieces and bouquets. Whimsical wildflower arrangements are another wedding flower trend expected to gain popularity in 2021. This summer, bleached ferns, sweet blooms, and pampas grass are likely to grace many a bride’s bouquet. Not only are these kinds of flower arrangements ideal for spontaneous elopements, but they also add a natural aesthetic and laid-back vibe to outdoor weddings.

Could Edible Flowers Be More Popular at 2021 Weddings?

Edible flowers are a wedding cake trend that is likely to see increased popularity in 2021. While this may seem like a new trend, edible flowers were used on wedding cakes and desserts by the Victorians. Lavender buds, marigolds, and roses not only provide a beautiful aesthetic but also taste and smell wonderful. If you are going to use edible flowers on your wedding cake, be sure to check with a professional caterer to learn about the types of flowers that are safe to eat.

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