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Your bridesmaids are usually some of your closest friends and are probably doing a lot to support you and help you plan your wedding day. Whether it’s going wedding dress shopping or giving you makeup touch-ups during the reception, there’s a lot of ways that bridesmaids offer essential support throughout the planning process and the tent wedding itself. Traditionally, bridesmaids are also expected to cover some financial costs, including their dress and the bachelorette party.

Talking about money with friends is always awkward. Asking your bridesmaids to pay for certain things is no exception—especially when their expectations don’t align with yours. That’s why it’s always best to be upfront with your expectations and communicate what costs you want your bridesmaids to cover. Outlined below are some of the wedding expenses that bridesmaids traditionally pay for themselves.

Their Accommodation and Travel Arrangements

Most commonly, your bridesmaids’ accommodation and travel arrangements for your tent wedding are on them. There are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if you are holding a destination wedding, the travel and lodging might be more expensive than if you had stayed local. In this case, if your budget allows, you might want to consider contributing to your bridesmaid’s travel and accommodation costs.

Their Bridal Party Dress

Traditionally, bridesmaids cover the cost of their dress and any other accessories that they will wear as part of your bridal party. However, if you are going to choose a dress that all your bridesmaids must wear, it’s nice to include them in the conversation and come to a general consensus on a reasonable price point.

Your Bachelorette Party

The bachelorette party is typically planned by your bridesmaids. This means that they are usually responsible for paying for any costs of the party, such as activities, food, accommodations, and so on.

Your Bridal Shower

The bridal shower costs will be directed to whoever is hosting the party. In some cases, this might be your bridesmaids, or more specifically, your maid of honor. Sometimes the bridal shower is hosted by your family, in which case, they will probably foot the bill.

A Wedding Present

Bridesmaids invest a lot of their own time and money into making your tent wedding and all its associated events special. Don’t be surprised if they don’t get you the most extravagant wedding present. It’s fairly common for all of your bridesmaids to go in on one, larger wedding gift.

Expenses That the Bride Is Expected to Cover

While there are many expenses that are usually covered by the bridesmaids, there are also costs that usually fall to the bride. Some of the costs traditionally covered by the bride include:

  • Bouquets and other floral accessories. The bride or her family usually pays for any bridal party accessories, such as the bouquets.
  • Hair and makeup. Whether or not the bride pays for hair and makeup will depend on their expectations. If you ask your bridesmaids to get their hair and makeup done professionally, then you should cover these costs. Conversely, if you don’t request that your bridal party has their hair and makeup done by a professional, then they are responsible for their own beauty costs.
  • Transportation on your wedding day. Any transportation costs on your wedding day, such as getting from your ceremony to your reception, are usually covered by the bride or her family.

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