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At your wedding, you want your guests to feel like they are part of the celebration, not simply witnessing it. A great way to make sure that your guests remember your wedding fondly is to focus on their engagement. Take time to plan out what your guests will do after the ceremony that does not involve the food, speeches, or even the DJ.

6 Fun Ways to Keep Your Guests Engaged at the Reception

When planning the activities for your guests at the reception, do not be afraid to get creative. Your wedding day is a time to celebrate and make memories. You should encourage your guests to mingle and offer activities that they will enjoy. The following are six ways to keep your guests engaged at your wedding reception:

Drink Ticket Conversation Starters

A great way to help your guests engage with one another is to hand out drink tickets with conversation prompts. To make it even more engaging, tell your guests that they can get their drinks only after they complete their prompts.

Have Games Prepared

Nothing engages an audience like a good game. Your guests can have fun getting to know more about you and your partner by watching the two of you play bride and groom games. You can interact with your guests by creating a treasure hunt or setting up a dance competition. Board games are also a possibility. Each table can have its own board game, and guests can jump from table to table to play different games and mingle.

Photo Booth and Video Booth

A classic photo booth is an excellent way for your guests to capture a special moment at your wedding. Adding a video booth is a nice twist on the traditional photo booth. Your guests will have a great time recording themselves and making memories, and they will have a physical reminder of your wedding.

Hire Entertainment

Want to entertain your guests? Hire entertainers. You could hire a magician, dance performer, or even a caricaturist. You can also think outside the box and hire singing waiters or a palm reader.


If you want, your guests can be the entertainers. The perfect song choice can start a mini concert right in the middle of your reception.

Host a Talent Show

Let your guests know they can bring their talents to your wedding. Give your guests the chance to prepare in advance for this activity. They can sing, dance, or read off a poem they always wanted to share. A talent show is a perfect way for your guests to be involved, and hosting one will ensure that your wedding is a wedding to remember.

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