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Mothers and mothers-in-law are tremendous assets to have during the wedding planning process. They can provide financial and emotional support and love and offer that extra hand that’s often needed during wedding planning. Moms tend to go above and beyond for their child’s wedding, and while this may seem overwhelming or overbearing, their actions come from a place of love. At the end of the day, mothers want what is best for their children. Of course, that may not always align with your wants and needs. However, just because there is a difference of opinion does not mean that it needs to be a source of tension or stress.

Mothers want to be loved and appreciated, and a great way to keep the peace and even get rid of that tension that may otherwise arise is to make it a priority to show your mother and mother-in-law how much you appreciate them. 

5 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Mom and Mother-In-Law

Sometimes it’s easy to dismiss a mother’s or mother-in-law’s input on the wedding as overbearing or overstepping, but often it comes from a source of love and desire to see the best for their children. A wedding is a celebration of you and your partner coming together but also of your family joining, and it can be beautiful to showcase that during the wedding and throughout the wedding planning process. Some ways to show appreciation to your mother and mother-in-law are listed below. 

1. Make Time for Mother-Daughter Pictures

One of the sweetest moments you can have with your mother at your wedding is when you are getting ready for the big day. Taking photos as you’re getting ready with your mom can be a very intimate moment and make her feel she’s a big part of the wedding. 

2. Give Your Mom a Special Wedding Day Gift

Your mom likely put her whole heart and soul into helping you plan your wedding, and an excellent way to show her your gratitude is to gift her a unique and personalized gift on the big day. The more sentimental and personalized, the better. 

3. Help Your Mom/Mother-In-Law Say Yes to Her Dress

Just as you get your moment to choose the best dress for your special day. You can take your mom and mother-in-law on a shopping day that allows you to bond and make them feel as much of a part of the wedding as possible. 

4. Wrap Your Bouquet With a Swatch or Beading From Your Mom’s Wedding Dress

As your “something old or something borrowed,” you can take a piece of your mother’s wedding dress and wrap it around your bouquet to show her that even into this new chapter in your life, she is still a big part of your life.

5. Invite Your Mom to Alongside You on the Wedding Planning Journey

Sometimes the best way to help your mom feel included and not need to inject herself into the planning is to give her the opportunity to go with you through the process. You can set some ground rules and expectations but allow her to feel included by having her present as you select and go through the various aspects of your wedding. 

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