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Wedding gift etiquette has always been complicated, but the pandemic has perhaps made the process even more confusing. As couples postpone their weddings or move them to virtual celebrations, guests are left wondering what to do about gifts. Should you still send a gift for a virtual wedding? When do you ship the gift? How much do you spend? We’re going to answer those questions and more so you can better understand gift etiquette for virtual weddings.

Should You Send a Gift for a Virtual Wedding?

Wedding gifts are given as a symbol of your love, friendship, and support. They also help the couple start their new life together. This means that you still need to send the couple a gift. Traditional gift etiquette also states that if you aren’t going to the wedding, you’re not obligated to send a gift. This is also true for virtual ceremonies.

When Should I Send a Wedding Gift If the Ceremony Is Rescheduled or Virtual?

Proper etiquette says you have two months from the wedding to send a gift. Even if the event was postponed, we still recommend sending the gift within that time frame. If the new date is within two months from the original, you can bring the gift with you to the reception instead of mailing it.

What Do I Do If the Wedding Is Canceled?

Chances are the couple is going to pick a new date for their wedding at some point. In the meantime, you should still send a gift within the two-month window. They’re sure to appreciate the gesture.

Can I Ask for My Gift Back If the Wedding Was Delayed or Canceled?

When the pandemic caused worry about being able to attend weddings, many people sent their gifts before the couple postponed or canceled. If the couple still plans to get married, you should not ask for the gift back.

Do I Have to Buy a Second Gift If the Wedding Is Postponed?

You do not have to buy or bring another gift if the couple postpones the wedding. However, you should still bring a handwritten card congratulating the newlyweds. You can buy a smaller gift, but it’s not required or expected.

The Couple Cut the Guest List—Do I Still Send a Gift?

Throughout the pandemic, couples have been forced to cut their guest lists drastically. Unfortunately, this means you might have been cut from the list. If this is the case, don’t be insulted. They are taking the safety of their guests seriously and don’t want you to get sick. You should still send a gift because the couple did want you to be part of their special day.

How Much Do I Spend on a Wedding Gift?

The average wedding gift costs $120, but you can spend less if the celebration is virtual. However, if you are close with the couple, you might want to spend what you would have if the wedding plans had not changed. Either way, your best bet is to look at the couple’s registry and pick a gift at a comfortable price point.

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