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The people who attend your wedding are your loved ones, dear friends and family. These are likely the people who watched you and your love with your partner grow, and they are excited to be celebrating this extraordinary moment with you. Couples often show their appreciation to their guests by giving out wedding favors.

Favors are a classic part of any wedding. They’re small gifts to thank everyone for attending. When you show your appreciation, it’s understandable that you would want your favors to be personal and a pleasant reminder of the event. If you’re having a winter wedding, set yourself apart with unique winter wedding favors.

1. Warm Drink Blends and Mixes

Everyone loves a warm drink on a cold winter day. Send your guests home with a cozy warm drink that they can enjoy any time. The warmth and comfort of a mug of cocoa is sure to remind them of your wedding day and being surrounded by family and friends. Iconic warm drinks include hot cocoa, coffee, apple cider, tea, and mulled wine. Serve a high-quality mix or unique blend of your favorite hot beverage. Distribute these favors in elegant and creative ways. For example, you can present the hot cocoa to them in a coated spoon or create personalized containers, such as teacups, coffee mugs, and mason jars.

2. Winter Plants and Seedlings

You’ll be setting yourself apart by gifting your guests winter plants or seedlings. Even though the winter isn’t known for its vibrant flora, there are still iconic plants that you can send home with them. When you think of the wintertime, images of coniferous trees laden with snow may fill your mind. Still, plants like poinsettias, lily of the valley, holly, and winter berries conjure feelings of winter and the holidays, too.

Give attendees pine seedlings in canvas pouches to take home and plant for themselves. This sort of wedding favor is distinct because not only will your guests have a physical reminder of the event, but they will also have a living thing that they can watch grow. It’ll be a living reminder.

3. Your Favorite Dried Flowers

Your favorite flowers might not endure the winter, but flowers don’t have to be alive to be beautiful. If you know your family and friends aren’t plant people, consider getting dried plants that they can save in an album or frame for wall decoration. Plants that are dried, pressed, or suspended in resin can be used to create some novel crafts, and your loved ones don’t have to worry about maintaining a live plant and will still be reminded of your special day.

4. Handmade Knitwear

There’s nothing more heartfelt than something handmade. Anything that’s handmade takes a lot of time and care to make. Knitwear is a great handmade favor for the winter. Knitwear is sincere, enduring, and practical. You could give your guests mittens, beanies, or socks, and they’ll have something they can use immediately after receiving it and in the future during this time of year. You can personalize these things with details such as your initials or a personal emblem. You can customize them with your wedding colors as well.

5. One-Of-A-Kind Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are an excellent idea for a winter wedding favor. Every time your guests cozy up at home, they’ll be reminded of the warmth they felt when they were surrounded by loved ones on your wedding day. Customize your throw blankets with your favorite patterns and colors. Personalize them with personal details such as your initials or an emblem. Also, keep in mind that blankets have a lot of space for imagery. Take your personalization to the next level by ordering blankets with your favorite pictures and photos printed on them.

6. Pinecone Fire Starters

If you want a wedding favor that is both attractive and practical, help your guests stay warm after they return home with a pinecone firestarter. Firestarters can come in many shapes and sizes, and pinecones are easily identified as symbols of the winter season. Put them together to create a winter wedding favor that is both useful and on theme.

You can DIY them or order them premade. Customize your firestarters by making the wax different colors or adding different scents. You can even coat the pine cones with salt to create colorful flames. For example, table salt creates a yellow flame. You can personalize them with tags or distribute them in individually wrapped bags or little boxes. Even if some of your guests don’t have a fireplace, they can still use the favor as a regular winter decoration.

Give Your Guests a Beautiful Wedding Memory at Windows on the Water

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