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There are so many wedding traditions that haven’t changed in a century, such as the wedding dress, vows, and ceremonies afterward. But not everyone wants to follow tradition. For those who dream about doing something extra special and having a highly original wedding, one that amazes your guests and leaves them feeling inspired to do something unique during their own nuptials, it’s important to note there are lots of original trends developing this year.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the top trends among 2020 weddings that remind us of how beautifully this process lends itself to innovation.

Why Do Wedding Trends Change Every Year?

The concept of a wedding “trend” is a tricky one, because once one couple comes up with an ingenious idea to make their own nuptials spectacular, it becomes a staple at a whole bunch of weddings that follow. On the other hand, trends can rapidly change as more new ideas arrive. 

In some ways, wedding trends reflect social trends. A new concept at wedding ceremonies doesn’t have to be an original idea focused on the wedding dress or the decorations in the hall. It could reflect changing social attitudes.

A good example is the trend toward more sustainable weddings or weddings that are organized to help the sustainability movement. As more young couples become aware of our pressing environmental needs, they may choose eco-friendly services at their wedding that deliver a sustainable approach, one that makes a contribution to helping the planet. Those gestures can include:

  • Recycling floral arrangements
  • Recycling plates and cups
  • Waste-free weddings
  • Donating uneaten food
  • Using locally grown food
  • Finding vendors who prioritize sustainability

Another major trend in weddings is vegan menus. As more people opt for a vegan lifestyle, couples are trying to accommodate them, and not just by serving a few vegan dishes along with the meat. Some are planning their entire menu around vegan and vegetarian concepts, being considerate of all guests by offering up a variety of cuisines, while discovering how many truly creative meals can be made the vegan way.

There are other trends in weddings this year that don’t have as much to do with social movements. They include:

Specialty Liquor Bars

Wine and beer selections? Nice, but isn’t it likely you’ll have guests with far more diverse tastes in liquor? That’s why liquor bars are expanding at many weddings, so those passionate about tequila and whiskey are just as satisfied as those ready for the popping of the champagne bottle. 

With a lot of fun to be had in the party following the ceremony, more couples are offering their guests specialty bars that go beyond the ho-hum of a few bottles of wine. It could be a specialized tequila bar, shots, or a margarita selection; whatever the couples decide to offer, cocktail hour is taking on a special meaning at more weddings today.

Intimate Gatherings

Trying to work as many family members, friends and coworkers into your ceremony is a challenge but can be highly rewarding if you successfully pull it off. One trend this year has been for more intimate gatherings: the wedding by invite only, with 40 people or less being asked to attend. While some couples do this for budgetary reasons, for others the key here is personalization. Being able to spend time with each and every guest, and to discover the joy of celebrating with a smaller group of devoted loved ones, is something more couples want.

Specialized Floral Designs

It’s hard to imagine a wedding without flowers, so why bother? For many couples today, having an eye-popping floral arrangement, like hanging florals over the dining tables, takes precedence over what kind of flowers they select.

Wedding Gowns

Getting married in a big white gown is a dream that has lasting appeal for brides, but that doesn’t mean the look and style of the dress can’t be original and creative. And a lot of bridal designers get that, which is why they’re working hard to come up with something that ups the wow factor. 

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