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When engaged couples plan their wedding, they hope to create truly special memories. Obviously, no one can put a price tag on your cherished memories, but you will need to consider the costs of your wedding day several months beforehand. Among the most significant cost drivers is the price of serving alcohol to your guests — which is a must these days at any wedding. 

Having plenty of thirsty guests arrive on your big day can get expensive, for sure, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need to host a dry reception in order to economize. There are numerous ways to reduce the bar bill while having your booze and drinking it too. It’s important to remember that alcohol by itself does not make memories.  

Finance Your Own Supply 

You can have an open bar without having it become a bottomless pit. Start by buying the exact amount of liquor you can afford. That puts a reasonable cap on this particular line item. And on your wedding day, if the amount of alcohol available to guests runs out — well, it runs out. The caterer can then kickstart a cash bar if people haven’t had enough yet. 

Serve Cocktails Before Food, Not During or After

Aside from those speed-drinkers with hollow legs, your invitees will keep from overindulging on alcohol when you restrict the open bar to the gathering time. With scenic venues like Windows on the Water at Frogbridge, there will be enough elegance and style to transfix their senses so that free-flowing liquor takes a back seat to the scenery, exquisite food, and festivities. 

Ask the Venue to Charge Per Person, Not Per Drink

Face it: during your wedding reception, there are going to be guests who stick with soft drinks, coffee, tea, and water. Then there will be some who stick to just one or two cocktails. Charging per individual instead of by the glass helps to mitigate the indulgence of the guests who are much heavier drinkers. 

Champagne at Your Wedding

Cutting the volume per glass can save a bundle on the price of champagne. Alternatively, the wedding tradition of a toast isn’t carved in stone and can definitely be abandoned if you so desire. The seasonal menus at Windows on the Water– whether served by the plate or at conveniently placed food stations — can easily cause guests to be enjoying the food so much that they don’t even miss this hallowed, if unnecessary, ritual. 

Serve Inexpensive Selections of Alcohol

Assuming there’s plenty of food and entertainment at your wedding, and the venue is spectacular (think of the beautiful natural landscape at Windows on the Water), it’s a safe bet that your wedding guests won’t feel slighted if you’re providing less expensive liquor. 

Libations have their place at any major event, but drinking doesn’t have to be the centerpiece of your wedding. 

An Elegant Central Jersey Wedding to Cherish

At Windows on the Water, we appreciate how the choice for your wedding location is the stage for all to witness one of your most important commitments in life. We want this day to focus solely on the joy and future ahead of your marriage, and making your family and guests feel included and welcomed. Allow us the opportunity to discuss further the services and property features that will make your wedding day elegant and memorable. 

Our years of recognized service and knowledgeable staff will get you through this process with minimal stress and assurance that everything you want can happen without any issues. We pride ourselves on the fact that Frogbridge gives you the freedom to use our property and supportive planning team to create the perfect elegant ceremony. 

If you’re ready to start planning your wedding day, then contact us today at 609-208-9475 to receive our Windows Wedding Packet that contains menus, pricing, photos and additional amenities and services that are available.