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While small weddings have become the new normal, they are not new to the wedding scene. For years, engaged couples have been celebrating their nuptials in elopements and small ceremonies. However, when a small reception is required, it’s a different story. Many engaged couples are making the hard decision of whether to delay their wedding or carry on with a smaller guest list. Current COVID-19 recommendations suggest couples keep their ceremonies small to prevent complications. If you are struggling to plan a wedding that adheres to social distancing protocol, you should consult with an experienced wedding planner.

Trying to pick and choose family and friends to attend your special day can be an incredibly hard task. In the wake of the pandemic, many couples are moving their ceremonies to virtual platforms to avoid slimming down their guest lists. Streaming your wedding is a great way to celebrate your special day while still involving all your closest friends and family. Here are some tips for flawlessly streaming your wedding ceremony.

Choose a Virtual Streaming Platform That Works For You

There is no shortage of free streaming platforms to choose from. Choose a platform that is easiest for you and your guests to use. Some platforms for streaming include:

  • Zoom
  • Google Hangouts
  • Facebook Live
  • Skype
  • Discord

One of the most popular streaming services couples are turning to is Facebook Live. This platform allows you to create a private group and keep your guests up-to-date with the details of your virtual day. Since people of all ages use Facebook, there’s a good chance most of your guests are familiar with the platform and won’t find it overwhelming to maneuver. One drawback of Facebook Live is that it is a one-way platform; the only way you can communicate with your guests is through the comments feature.

Another popular platform for wedding streaming is Zoom. This platform is a great choice for couples looking to keep their ceremonies low-tech. To set up a Zoom reception, only one person is required to have a Zoom account. The platform will provide a link to the “host” that they can share with guests. Guests can simply click on the provided link to enter the video conference, and the host will allow them to enter the “room.” Zoom allows you to see everyone in a video conference through grid view. This is a great option for couples who want to see all their friends and family on their wedding day.

Invite Guests to Your Virtual Reception

Once you’ve chosen a streaming platform, it’s time to invite your guests. Most platforms will have options for sending out invitations. For example, with Facebook, you can create a Facebook event, and with Zoom, you can send a virtual invite via email. Whatever method of invitation you choose, be sure to include information on how guests can access your streaming platform. You can also include creative details, such as encouraging each guest to have a glass of champagne handy for a virtual toast.

Provide Tech Support and Information to Your Guests

You probably have some people on your guest list who aren’t tech-savvy. Sending out details and tips for how to use your streaming platform can prevent your inbox from getting flooded with tech questions on the big day. Some important tech information to provide in an email or on your invitations includes:

  • If and how to create an account for the platform
  • Details of how the platform works and how to enable the audio and visual features
  • How your guests should behave during the streaming (e.g., should they mute themselves)
  • When your guests should arrive in the streaming event (e.g., should they enter 10 minutes before the ceremony starts)

Another great strategy is to designate a person guests can reach out to if they are experiencing technical difficulties. This will allow you to focus on enjoying your wedding day instead of troubleshooting a range of tech questions.

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