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Congratulations, you just got engaged to be married! The next step is to set the day and time for this special occasion, but you may want to give this date some extra thought and careful planning. That’s particularly true if you want and expect a high turnout from family, friends, coworkers and many others you’re hoping can help you share this special occasion.

It’s great to want a large wedding ceremony, but keep in mind that a lot of other couples do the same thing. So for the purposes of planning, you want to be certain you’re not selecting a date that will make it more difficult to organize the kind of memorable event you’re hoping for, or to get everyone to be able to attend. For everything to go off without a hitch, here are some dates that you may want to avoid.

What’s the Challenge with a New Years Day Wedding?

Who wants to attend a wedding after a night of celebrating, attending parties, doing plenty of drinking and spending the night out on the town to welcome in the new year? That should definitely be a consideration when planning your wedding date. By scheduling a wedding on the first day of the year, the energy among guests is likely to be exceptionally low at your wedding; you could find attendees recovering from hangovers and lack of sleep. New Year’s Day is usually a day of recovery before having to go back to work. 

Why is Christmas Eve or Day a Bad Choice for a Wedding?

Either Christmas Eve or the following day are definite Ho-Ho-NO options! The Christmas season is mostly devoted to family, their kids, gift shopping and giving, and office parties and celebrations. It’s the busiest time of the year, so throwing a wedding into the mix is likely to be a non-starter for many of your prospective guests. You want this occasion to be special all on its own, so competing with this popular holiday would diminish the focus on your own celebration and nuptials. Also, many wedding venues may not be available, so check before deciding on date and location.

Why Would Thanksgiving Be the Wrong Choice for a Wedding?

This is another holiday that would be a poor choice for a wedding. Thanksgiving is a holiday when families want to get together, share a large meal together, and enjoy the chance to reunite. It’s difficult to ask them to put that aside to attend a wedding ceremony instead. So much preparation goes into that big Thanksgiving meal that obviously, many folks don’t want to take the time to include going to a wedding on top of everything else happening that day. After all, there are also parades, ball games, and lots of traveling centered around this entire weekend, so attendance will probably be light at a wedding.

Should You Avoid Having your Wedding in August?

Yes, we do mean the entire month of August. In addition to being the hottest month of the year, August is also the busiest month for scheduling vacations, with the possible exception of December. Also, this is a time of year when families are preparing to send the kids back to school, so between the vacations and school planning, August isn’t the best month to be organizing a wedding date.

Is Fourth Of July an Acceptable Date for a Wedding?

We all know what Independence Day is all about: Fireworks! Barbecues! A day at the beach. It’s a day when a lot of families and friends attend holiday events together, and there’s a lot of traveling going on around this holiday. Many people plan their July 4 events well in advance, so they may not want to put all that aside to attend a wedding instead.

If you’re still not certain which dates would work best for your wedding ceremony, consider making an appointment with professionals like the ones at Windows On The Water at Frogbridge, who have knowledge and expertise on how to help you select the right date for your wedding and to organize your special day so it will offer a lifetime of wonderful memories.

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