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Wedding dress shopping can seem glamorous at first but can turn into a frustrating process if you make some common mistakes while searching for that perfect gown. From simple errors like wearing bright or bulky underwear when trying on different styles or having too many opinions in the dressing room, you might find your patience wearing thin during your search. Consider some of these mistakes that many brides-to-be make while hunting for a wedding gown for her memorable walk down the aisle.

Don’t Search for the Perfect Dress Early

Before starting your quest for the dress of your dreams, it’s essential to have all other wedding details sorted out first. How can you pick what hue to wear if you don’t have a venue theme and color scheme selected? Other factors like the color you choose for your bridesmaids could affect how your wedding dress looks in comparison. While it can take up to six months to have your selected wedding ensemble ready to wear, you shouldn’t procrastinate too long on your decision.

Too Many Opinions in the Dressing Room

Many brides-to-be love bringing along some friends and close family when wedding dress shopping, and their opinions are important and sometimes critical to your decision. One should also keep in mind that with a large bridal group, it will take a lot longer to reach an agreement and possibly could cause conflict. Bring one or two trusted companions with you to the bridal shop, and you’ll get clear thoughts about your choice and how it looks on you.

Don’t Try On All the Dresses

The unique design of every dress will undoubtedly make you want to try on more than a couple, but try to limit yourself to no more than nine or ten gowns so you don’t lose sight of the style you plan to wear. If you find yourself not having that special moment of finding the perfect wedding gown, don’t lose hope or force the issue. You may need more time to figure out what it is that will make your dress choice stand out from the rest and make you say yes to it.

Be Flexible About Sizing

Did you know that many wedding gowns are usually a few sizes smaller than your everyday clothing? Keep this in mind when the shop assistant hands you a dress that’s bigger than your normal numbers. It’s recommended that you don’t focus on the size, but instead the fit when you choose a dress as each dress has its own unique cut to fit your body in different ways.

If you do plan to lose weight before your ceremony, don’t base your purchase on what your body size should be on your wedding day. Most dresses have three full sizes worth of material to take in for brides that reach their weight loss goals by the time their nuptials take place. If a bride gains weight, it’s not always possible to let out the dress to match her size, so use caution when choosing a fit.

Use Caution When Buying a Discounted Gown

While it’s usually better to save money on your wedding when it comes to food or supplies, some brides do find amazing discounts on their gowns that normally are out of budget. Typically, dresses going for a fraction of regular retail costs are former sample or display dresses that have had numerous potential brides try them on. It’s crucial to thoroughly evaluate the condition of these discounted dresses and determine the cost of any cleaning or repairs it may need.

Show Off Your Gown at a Central New Jersey Wedding Venue

While you consider the style and theme of your dress, also think about where you want your ceremony to take place. This step will make shopping for your wedding dress much easier, since you’ll have a better idea of the atmosphere and environment you want for your biggest day.

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