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Even with all the planning in the world, you can’t account for the mistakes your wedding guests will make. While some of your guests may know the ins and out of wedding etiquette, others might not have attended enough weddings to know how to be the best guest. The best way to be proactive and prevent your guests from making mistakes that will cause you stress is to be aware of common mishaps and do everything you can to prevent them.

Here are the top four mistakes wedding guests make and how to prevent them from interfering with your outdoor tent wedding.

Forgetting to RSVP

Many guests—especially first-time wedding attendees—are unaware of the importance of a punctual RSVP. When your guests don’t respond on time, it’s hard to make a seating chart, order the correct amount of food, and proceed with planning all the small details. Unfortunately, many guests consider RSVPs to be optional and don’t make answering on time a priority.

The best way to combat this is to recruit members of your bridal party to call guests who have yet to RSVP and get a direct answer from them over the phone. Another option is to send out a large email reminding your guests to RSVP. Usually, a phone call is more effective.

Straying from Your Registry

Some guests feel that registry gifts are impersonal and choose to purchase a more creative gift. Getting gifts off the registry can go one of two ways. Sometimes, getting an unexpected gift can be a pleasant surprise. However, in other cases, your guests could get you a gift you hate or will not use. While a wedding gift is typically implied, guests are not required to get you a present. Therefore, it is best to be gracious about any gift that comes your way.

The best way to ensure that you are getting the gifts you want is to register at a variety of stores. For example, you may decide to choose some common stores, such as Target, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn, as well as some stores that are off the beaten path. This will provide guests who want to give you a more personal gift with appropriate options.

Arriving Late on Your Wedding Day

Having some guests show up late to your ceremony is inevitable. Everyone has friends who have a struggle to show up on time, and even though your wedding day is a significant event, you can still expect some of your guests to be tardy. The best way to ensure that late guests don’t ruin your ceremony is to designate some ushers to stand at the back of your venue who can escort guests to their seats at an appropriate time. This way the processional part of your ceremony won’t be disturbed.

Drinking Too Much at Your Reception

It is very common for a couple of your wedding guests to get too drunk at your reception. While your guests are adults and it’s not your responsibility to babysit them, it can be very distracting when some of your guests overindulge. The best way to mitigate drunk guests is to encourage the bartender to cut off any guests that appear inebriated and also ask your wedding planner to prevent drunk guests from driving home.

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