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There are so many great moments at a wedding: the food that gets served, dancing to the music, taking plenty of photos, and meeting new people at the big celebration.

But what about if you’re the one scheduled to give the wedding speech to the new couple? If you’re not used to public speaking, you could be feeling nervous right now. If you want the speech to be memorable, you might be struggling to write something that sounds witty, respectful and interesting. You might be experiencing writer’s block and starting to feel anxious about how you’re going to do.

Relax! We can help take some of that pressure off your shoulders and help you find ways to not only create a memorable wedding speech but to deliver it in a knockout way. Here are some tips on how to make your wedding speech one the crowd is truly going to enjoy.

Why are Wedding Speeches So Popular?

Some of the best moments in any wedding can be those wedding speeches. Outside of the couple’s vows during the ceremony, those speeches are what everybody is looking forward to hearing. It’s your chance to enlighten the audience about how unique the couple is, and to help give them a sense that they’re all part of a special community on that day.

Wedding speeches are a popular tradition, usually given by the best man or maid of honor. Every wedding is different, and couples don’t have to follow traditions. But there’s no question the wedding speech can be a highly anticipated part of the day.

Starting to feel the pressure yet?

Yes, you want the speech to be perfect, and you want to do right by the couple. Great! Here are some things to include in your speech, and some ways of acing the delivery. 

What Should You Include in Your Wedding Speech?

First, take a moment to think about the audience you’ll be speaking to. Think about how you want them to feel. In doing so, you can concentrate on what you want to accomplish most of all: speaking from the heart. You want to remind everyone attending the wedding of why they’re there: out of the love they have for the newlyweds. 

Think about your relationship with the couple, and remember some special times you shared with them. Write down a few short stories that help demonstrate why you care about this couple so much. 

Talk about how and when you met the bride or groom, or how you’re related to either one. Reminisce about how you first met them. Tell the audience about your hopes for their future as a couple, and have a positive and optimistic message to deliver about that. And then end with a toast, asking everyone to raise their glass and toast to the wonderful couple.

How Can You Calm Your Nerves Before a Wedding Speech?

Here are some great tips for a smooth and efficient delivery of that speech.

Practice First

It’s a smart idea to rehearse your speech, either in front of a mirror, by recording it on your smartphone or delivering it to some friends in advance. Preparation is a great way to build your confidence.

Take Some Notes

Memorizing your speech in advance is fine, but there’s nothing wrong with taking some notes of things you definitely want to include in the speech, or glancing at your cue cards if you need to. It means if you get nervous, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your lines.

Don’t Rush

When we get nervous while speaking, oftentimes we start to speed up. So just relax, and take your time delivering the speech. While you don’t want to ramble on in front of the guests, you don’t want to zip through it, either. 

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