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Our furry friends are important parts of our lives, and we know how important it can be to some couples to include their dogs in the wedding processions. But can this be tricky? Are there ways to prepare yourself and your guests for involving your dog in the ceremony or reception? 

If you’re interested in including your dog, or any of your pets, on your special day, we may be able to help. If you’d like a few tips for including your furry friends in your wedding ceremony, let us offer a few suggestions. Don’t be afraid to tailor these tips to your personal needs!

Have Realistic Expectations

You must have realistic expectations of your pup during your ceremony, as they might be prone to social anxiety or otherwise acting up. If you know your dog won’t be happy around dozens of people, you may need to rethink how you can include them.

You might also want to consider that, even with extra training, some chaos may ensue. Dogs, and pets in general, can’t always communicate their feelings or needs as well as their human masters. Because of this, be sure to take any chaos in stride, and don’t take it personally.

In order to alleviate any stress on you and your furry friend, consider playing to their strengths. If they’re great at sitting or lying still, you may be able to pose your pup at the altar for the ceremony. Or, if your dog is an expert at coming when they’re told, consider having them act as a ring bearer or flower girl.

Include Your Pet in Wedding Photos

If you realize it would be best to avoid including your dog in the ceremony, a great alternative is to include them in your photos. This might mean taking them on a special photoshoot for your engagement, pre- or post-wedding, or anything else you can imagine.

This is also an excellent opportunity to put your furry friends into cute outfits, like a tux, dress, simple bow-tie, or flower crown. Whatever you decide, your pet will likely love just being included in your special event.

Get a Pet-Friendly Wedding Venue

Choosing to include your pup in your big day is something not lightly considered, as your wedding venue may need to be explicitly pet-friendly for them to be included. Because this is the case, make sure to search their website and your agreement contract, or give them a call to make sure your dog is invited. Or, if you haven’t chosen a venue yet, keep your furry friends in mind while making your final selection.

Communicate With Your Guests

If you’re planning on involving any of your pets in your ceremony or reception, it’s essential you let your guests know. After all, some of them may have fear or trauma related to dogs, or they may have allergies to certain animals. Because this is the case, it’s necessary to give them a heads up so they can ask any questions, request accommodations, or notify you they won’t be able to come.

In general, your guests would likely appreciate a heads-up. Are they allowed to bring their furry friends for a wedding day play date? Should they be on the lookout so they don’t accidentally trip over your furry friend’s little paws? A great way to keep everyone in the know is by including pictures of your pet on the invitation, as well as explicitly stating they’ll be present. You might also want to consider putting your pup on the signage.

Hire a Dog Sitter to Care for Your Pet During the Wedding

If you want to ensure your furry friends stay engaged and entertained, you may want to hire a pet sitter. This way, even if your hands are full and you’re tending to the guests, your pup will still feel safe and less anxious about their surroundings.

Have a Pet-Friendly Wedding at Windows on the Water in New Jersey

We at Windows on the Water know how important our pets and animals are to everyday life, so it makes sense that you might want to include your furry loved ones on your big day. If you’re looking for a beautiful, rustic, pet-friendly indoor or outdoor wedding venue, you can stop your search now.

In addition to being pet-friendly, we have lakes and many catering options for you and your guests to enjoy. If any of our venues sound like the right choice for your special day, please call us at (609) 208-9475 or complete our contact form for more details.