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The honeymoon is one of the most highly anticipated parts of an engaged couple’s wedding planning. Honeymoons are filled with glamor, excitement, and adventure, and they’re a perfect way to bond as a new couple. It’s a trip that many people remember and reminisce about for years, with many people deciding to go on a second honeymoon. This just shows how truly important a honeymoon is for most people.

If you’re still unsure about where to go for your honeymoon, you’re not alone. Many people find it hard to choose a destination because they want to make the occasion truly special and choose the perfect spot. Here are some tips that can help you and your partner choose a honeymoon destination that is perfect for the both of you and bound to be unforgettable.

Figure Out Your Budget

Before you do anything, the two of you need to sit down and figure out how much money you actually want to spend for the honeymoon. Be realistic; you don’t want to go into debt. The money you decide to spend will dictate where you can go and what you’ll be able to do once you get there.

If you have your heart set on a blowout, luxury honeymoon, but you’re worried about paying for it, consider paying into a honeymoon fund long before your wedding date. Adding money into this fund on a regular basis can be exciting as the two of you bond together to pay for one of the most exciting holidays of your life.

If money is tight, consider an all-inclusive honeymoon. Everything is included, from your lodging to drinks, allowing you to go all out without fear of exceeding your budget.

Figure Out What You Want to Do on the Honeymoon

If one of you is imagining skiing down snowy slopes in the Alps while the other is envisioning dozing in an over-the-water villa in Mauritius, you’ve got some decisions to make. One person’s idea of heaven is another person’s idea of…not heaven.

Since this trip is for the both of you, try to compromise and choose a place that the both of you love. If you both still come up with opposing ideas, try to come up with a completely neutral place. You can save your highly-wished-for trips for later on in the marriage, but the honeymoon should be completely and 100 percent enjoyable for both of you.

Think About What You Plan to Do on the Honeymoon

Are the two of you adventure freaks, always looking for the latest exciting activity? Or are you both the types that prefer movement that doesn’t go beyond turning over juusst enough to take a sip of a frozen margarita while lying on the beach? If you’re an action-adventure couple, there are amazing packages out there that provide exciting immersive experiences, with activities ranging from ziplining to mountain climbing.

If you’re a more relaxed couple, consider locations that cater to your more subdued sensibilities. Resorts featuring endless beaches with pink and white sands and a wait staff catering to your every need may be more your speed.  If you’re interested in jumping in and living among the locals, you could rent a private home on a platform like airBnB so that you can really experience the location.

Consider Postponing to Get To Your Favorite Destination

If you have your heart set on starting off your married life at a snow-covered chalet in the Swiss Alps, but you’re getting married in June, consider postponing the wedding. Many, many people postpone their honeymoons for a wide variety of reasons. Those reasons range from budget to seasonal considerations.

If you’re getting married in June but you’re snow bunnies, move your honeymoon to December. No one will care, and it will be something truly exciting for the both of you to look forward to. It will almost feel like you’re extending your wedding!

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