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Being surrounded by your family and friends is part of what makes weddings so special. You and your loved ones may be spread out around the country or even the world, but that doesn’t mean they’ll have to miss your special day. Traveling to weddings is becoming more commonplace since you can go almost anywhere by plane, train, or automobile.

Your guests can make the journey through whatever mode of transportation is within their means to attend your wedding. Still, everyone should be mindful of the challenges of traveling, especially in the winter. Help your guests stay prepared with these tips for traveling to your winter wedding.

1. Plan Ahead for Winter Weather Emergencies on the Road

Winter weather is notoriously unpredictable and can be hazardous. While you’re traveling, you should plan ahead to avoid any problematic situations you may face due to the weather. Be prepared for emergencies by packing a winter weather emergency kit in your vehicle.

Along with a first-aid kit, include items that will keep you safe in the cold. Pack things that will keep you warm such as a blanket, mittens, socks, and hat. Include items you would need for your car, such as an ice scraper, windshield cleaner, a flashlight with extra batteries, and jumper cables. As an added precaution, consider including a road flare.

2. Pack Casual Clothes and Keep Your Wedding Clothes Safe

Most people love going on trips, but they tend to overlook the importance of packing. Packing smart plays a significant role in ensuring that your trip goes smoothly. Don’t just pack clothes for the wedding. In addition to your toiletries, pack for the time you’ll be traveling and any downtime you’ll have. You won’t need to be dressed up the entire time, so bring casual clothes for your stay and something comfortable to wear during the trip back.

When traveling with formal clothing, making sure they stay in pristine condition is a top priority. Protect your wedding clothes from dirt and damage by carrying them in a garment bag. Garment bags are a simple and effective way to travel with nice clothes. Fold the bag carefully and place it in your luggage for added safety.

3. Bring Clothes That Will Look Nice and Keep You Warm

Everyone wants to dress their best for a wedding, even in the winter. However, you should dress both nicely and warmly for a winter wedding. Pick formal wear with sleeves and thick fabric when choosing what to wear. Wrap, draped, and long dresses will keep you looking nice and shield you from the cold. If you prefer wearing pants, consider wearing a winter suit in a bold color or a formal jumpsuit.

The key to dressing warmly in the winter is to wear layers and quality winter clothes. Find outerwear that matches the dress code and goes well with your planned outfit. You don’t have to limit yourself to your old winter coat. Look sophisticated and well prepared with a dress coat, wool wrap coat, cape, or stylish trench coat.

4. Bring Cold Weather Accessories for Added Warmth

Don’t forget to bring accessories that will keep you warm. A hat, shawl, scarf, or gloves could make a big difference in your comfortability outdoors and still look nice with your formal wear. Think about what’s under your clothes, too. Wearing wool underclothes will maximize your warmth without adding too much to your outfit.

Also, don’t neglect your footwear. Sandals will not serve you well in an outdoor winter ceremony. To prevent cold feet, opt for closed-toe shoes for this occasion, like pumps, boots, or slingbacks. Bring dress socks to stay warm and stylish if you plan to wear loafers, oxfords, or something similar.

5. Pad Your Travel Time for Weather Delays

Make sure you get to your destination with ample time to get ready, no stress and no rushing. Remember to factor delays, traffic, and general wintertime slowness into your travel time. Everything moves slower in the cold. For example, everyone has to drive more carefully to stay safe on icy roads, leading to longer travel times and more traffic. Plan your departure around peak traffic times or leave as early as possible to avoid being set back by this.

It may be safer and more convenient to travel by plane than to make a long car trip in snowy weather. In that case, be mindful of the days you’re traveling. Airports have some of their busiest days in winter because so many people fly for the holidays. You should anticipate long lines and limited seats for certain flights.

Plan Your Winter Wedding with Windows on the Water

Windows on the Water has everything you need to plan your winter wedding. We have an extensive list of preferred professionals ready to help you plan your special day. Our professional event planners will ensure everything is in order so that you can spend more time with your family and friends.

Located in Monmouth, New Jersey, our venue is the perfect wintertime setting for your special day, whether you’re coming from far away or right next door. Windows on the Water boasts a vast 86-acre resort where we can hold your wedding ceremony against the backdrop of an elegant lake. Comfortably enjoy the beauty of the snowy landscape while mingling with your loved ones during cocktail hour on our two-tiered patio or the reception in our fully-lined all-weather tent.

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