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With multiple days of celebrations filled with cultural events that are handed down for generations, Indian weddings generally require more preparation than a Western ceremony. When will your wedding take place, and where? Who will be attending the ceremony? Will anyone be coming from out of the country who will need to obtain a tourist visa to attend? These are all important questions to consider.

Once the bride and groom have determined the month and dates of their nuptials, it is never too early to begin putting plans in place, as there are a lot of details and moving parts to planning an Indian wedding. Here is a look at the steps involved.

Steps for Planning an Indian Wedding

If you or your fiancé need help planning an Indian wedding, here’s where to start:

Determine the Guest List and Begin Travel Preparations

Developing your guest list is a logical place to start with planning your Indian wedding, as the number of people you invite influences decisions such as the venue where your ceremony is held, the amount of food that must be ordered, and other particulars about your celebration. As noted, if your relatives from India are planning to attend the ceremony, look into making sure that they are travel-ready and that they have a place to stay and other necessary accommodations for their trip.

While determining your guest list, it is also important to decide where you want to have the wedding. Unless a destination wedding is desired, it is generally easiest to plan a wedding near where you live, as it gives you time to actually visit venues, see potential lodging resources first hand, and keep tabs on the other details.

Start Planning Outfits

If the couple is planning to wear traditional Indian wedding outfits for their ceremonies, it is important to remember that these outfits can take months to make and are generally not available through American bridal shops. Part of planning the outfits must include determining the colors the couple wishes to wear for each part of the celebration, including the pre-ceremony, the ceremony, and the reception. Shades of red typically signify happiness and good luck for the couple, while modern shades of blue, gold, or tangerine are also popular choices.

In addition to planning their wedding outfits, many Indian brides and grooms find themselves answering questions from American friends as to what they should wear to the wedding. It is important to help them understand that white and black are colors typically reserved for mourning and that the same color the bride has chosen for her outfit should also be avoided.

Select a Venue

Indian weddings tend to be extremely large celebrations, requiring a bigger space. Along with the venue, other decisions must be made, including the provision of food for wedding guests, music for dancing, and details of the decor for each part of the celebration. 

One decision that many Indian couples are choosing when planning the venue and particulars for their ceremony is to purchase a wedding package that includes many of the services needed at the venue, including site rental, a fully stocked bridal suite, a custom wedding cake, and coat check and restroom attendants. Wedding packages also commonly provide other add-on services to help ensure that the couple’s ceremony goes off without a hitch.

Send Out Official Invitations

Once the couple has determined the venue for their ceremony and has reserved the site for that date, they can order and send out official invitations. Many Indian couples are choosing to use digital apps to prepare and even to send invitations to their family and friends, which is a more affordable option in many cases than mailing out invitations to everyone on the guest list. However, others choose to have printed invitations as adherence to tradition, as well as having the lasting memento of a printed invitation. Whether the invitation is digital or printed, there should be a way for guests to easily RSVP.

Plan Your Indian Wedding in New Jersey With Windows on the Water

Planning an Indian wedding can be complicated. Windows on the Water can help you prepare for the Indian wedding of your dreams. We offer several fully customizable wedding packages that include a variety of services that are needed during the celebration. We can also answer any other questions you may have and will work with you to create your perfect day. 

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