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If you’ve been to numerous family or friends’ weddings, you know that their floral arrangement can be one of the most impressive aspects of how they decorated their venue. You also know those flowers really stand out in the wedding photos taken on the big day and give you lots of inspiration for your own nuptials.

Your wedding day will be all about you, and should reflect your interests and personality. If you like to do things a little bit differently, the good news is that you can go for a very non-traditional floral arrangement and still wow your guests. And chances are, years later people will still be impressed as they look through the photos of your wedding and remember your creative floral displays.

Here are some ideas on going in a special direction with floral arrangements at your wedding.

Creative Ideas for Non-Traditional Flower Displays

You know it all too well from your friends’ wedding photos: those floral arrangements speak volumes about how beautiful the wedding was. A truly stunning wedding floral arrangement takes more than just a visit to your favorite florist — it also takes imagination and creativity. It can make a unique statement about the care and passion you put into planning your wedding. 

Every flower that gets selected, and every arrangement you design, says a lot about your personality and attention to detail. That’s why it can be so much fun to think about all the different ways you can arrange your favorite flowers. 

There are also hundreds of types of flowers you can choose to include in your floral arrangements. Have you thought about which blooms will be a part of your wedding story? What about using nontraditional greenery? 


Fruit can be an engaging way to signify all that nature brings to us. Fruit displays are becoming more popular at weddings, particularly displays featuring berries. You can also do well using oranges, pomegranates, and figs to create a colorful display that complements your flowers. This is particularly effective if you want to create a rustic look for your wedding.


Herbs and wheat can add a charming sense of nature to your wedding, and that’s especially true if you’re planning on an outdoor wedding. This is also a great choice if you’re a supporter of the sustainability movement and want to use herbs to symbolize that.

Paper Flowers

For a truly non-traditional approach, rather than buy your flowers, why not make them? Handmade paper flowers give you the option of something unexpected. If you’re an artisan or love crafts-making, this could be the ideal option for you. Those paper flowers you create can be placed around real flowers, giving your wedding a look like no other.

Many of these options can be mixed and matched with more traditional flowers — for example, fruits can look good with herbs and succulents, and an experienced florist can help give you ideas on how best to do that. 

If you do want to include some traditional wedding flowers, you certainly have plenty of options. Roses, obviously, are a timeless and romantic choice, but there are other popular wedding flowers, including:

  • Gardenias
  • Hydrangeas
  • Peonies
  • Stephanotis
  • Tulips

While those are all gorgeous options, there are benefits to nontraditional floral arrangements. Traditional flowers can get expensive, while nontraditional additions can allow you to do lots of things, including:

  • Stretch out your floral budget
  • Allow you to create unique color schemes
  • Find more memorable arrangements for your guests

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