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Weddings can be the ideal occasion to bring out the artist in any of us. The concept of integrating artistry in your wedding can be applied to everything from your wedding invitations to your floral arrangements, and the decorations inside your venue. 

One of the most popular aspects of any wedding will always be the meal that’s served to guests, and today the food is starting to look impressively artistic at times. Food as Art catering has become a hot item at weddings because it serves a dual purpose. 

As your guests walk into the hall and see the amazingly sculptured and crafted food items, they’re often impressed by how much love and care went into the presentation. All that beauty becomes a delectable meal once they sit down to dine. No wonder the mixture of food and art has become so irresistible to many coupes. 

What are Some Art-Inspired Dining Ideas for Weddings?

Discovering your inner artist is nothing new for couples planning their wedding — all it takes is a little creativity and desire to make a statement. 

In the past few years, many brides have started incorporating artwork into their invitations, either creating their own or finding local artists to create custom artwork for wedding invites. The same artwork can also be used to create:

  • Menus
  • Table numbers
  • Place cards
  • Gift packages
  • Wedding programs

You can take an artistic approach to your wedding décor, using art-themed ideas for your table settings, venue and ceremony backdrop. Some couples have even tried hiring a live painter to help document the big day and create paintings for their guests to take home. If there are no limits to your imagination, an artistic wedding can become a highly memorable one.

What’s Helped Make Food as Art More Popular at Weddings?

Food designed as art isn’t a new concept. Many date it back to around 1909, when Filippo Tommaso Marinetti became the first artist in the modern era to explore the preparation and consumption of food as art. Viewing dining as one of the most central parts of everyone’s day-to-day life, Marinetti published The Futurist Cookbook, describing the necessary elements for a perfect meal. 

The entire concept of Food as Art has dramatically expanded since then, and today, there are catering services devoted to delivering not just high-quality food, but meals that have a distinctively artistic flair. Many of them take a modern to showcasing for everything from a casual buffet or a formal sit-down gala. It’s not just the quality of the food and the taste, but the exquisite presentation and magnificent displays, that make it work. Every dish is carefully prepared with the utmost attention to detail. 

Over the years, the concept of Food as Art had typically been applied to wedding cakes, as couples looked for chefs who could create a stunning cake that caught every guests’ eye once they entered the wedding hall. Today, the concept goes well beyond the cake and extends to any part of the meal that can be digested. After everyone takes in the aesthetic qualities of the food served, it becomes time for that three-course sit down meal they look forward to. 

Unexpected and inspiring elements at a wedding can make it more fun and memorable for everyone, can inspire lots of photo taking and sharing on social media, and leads to plenty of talk about how great it all was for months afterwards. Food as Art has become one of those trends that helps turn your wedding into a truly momentous occasion.

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