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Your wedding is on, and after that first kiss your guests are looking forward to the reception where all the dancing and food happens. Making your reception memorable, stylish, and relaxing requires exhaustive planning, but not an exhaustive budget. Here are decor ideas that will you save on your reception budget while still delivering on style.  

Light Up The Day

Take advantage of beautiful twinkling, glowing lights. String lights, Christmas lights, lanterns, and candles can add instant charm to your reception. Lights are not only impressive at sunset and nighttime receptions. They are also quite enchanting in daytime for indoor or shady venues. Use lights to stage the cake, decorate plants, hang from the ceiling, light a walk away. Your options are truly endless as you find new ways to creatively light up the day.

Statement Pieces on a Budget

When choosing your statement pieces, take from a selection of elegant vases, vintage bottles, and assortments of candlestick holders. These pieces can bring together your table decor, and you can easily find them at a bargain. Clear glasses can be displayed on their own, or with your choice of flowers or branches.

Share Your Engagement Photos

As your guests settle in, photos will give them something to engage with and delight in. Engagement photos are great to put on display, and the reception is the ideal place to share them. It may be the only place some guests get the chance to see the engagement photos. Feel free to share some family pictures if you like. Frames and collage are great options when choosing how to display, but a slideshow can also make for good entertainment while sharing.

Choose Your Favorite Fabric

Your favorite piece of fabric can be used as ribbons to tie on the backs of chairs, as a cheap alternative to chair covers. Yards of the material can also be used to cover tables, drape across the ceiling, and many other creations that create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Save on the Venue

One of the easiest ways to save on decorations is to pick a stunning venue. When you choose a venue that is already amazing on its own, there is no need to enhance the setting. Outdoor locations with lots of green and flowers of different colors can be ideal, as nature’s beauty offers her decor.

Scenic Central Jersey Wedding Venues

If you’re looking in Central Jersey for scenic locations, consider lush green lawns, bold, romantic flowers with calming lakeside views. Windows on the Water at Frogbridge offers receptions a striking beauty to make it flawless and breathtaking. Contact us now at (609) 208-9475 and let us be a part of the affordable and stylish wedding reception you see in your dreams.