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People love brunch, and for a good reason. Waffles, omelets, and pastries paired with fresh coffee, mimosas, and bloody Mary’s are a winning combination. With such a delicious and enticing spread, it was only a matter of time before couples started offering brunch at their wedding receptions. However, there are several things you must first consider before you commit to throwing a brunch reception.

Your Day Will Begin Early

Day-of wedding preparation is no joke. Hair, makeup, and final touches will take hours, no matter what time you walk down the aisle. Before committing to a brunch wedding, talk to vendors ahead of time to understand how long they all need. For example, ask the hairdresser how much time they need to style you and your bridal parties’ hair. Similarly, the makeup artist may not want to begin until hair is done. Having a timeline of when you and your bridal party needs to be up may influence your decision. There will be a lot going on during the hours leading up to your wedding, so you may have to wake up in the middle of the night for a brunch wedding.

Some Guests May Not Be Able to Attend

The morning hours may pose a challenge for some of your guests, primarily if most guests work weekends. If they work retail or own their own business and have to work on Saturdays, it might be challenging for them to come. Conversely, you may run into a similar problem if your wedding is on a weekday and most of your guests work. Ultimately, you know your guests. Consider your crowd before settling on a brunch wedding, or prepare yourself to receive several regrets.

Less Time with Friends and Family

Sometimes, the pre-wedding festivities are just as fun as the reception and ceremony. Drinking mimosas during hair and makeup, distributing bridesmaid gifts, and taking behind-the-scenes photos all serve as fond memories. If you have a brunch reception, it is still possible to have this fun, but you might have less time. You might also want to swap out mimosas for coffee or espresso. After all, you do not want to be yawning at the altar or falling asleep at the reception!

The Reception May Be More Casual

Brunch weddings will differ from an evening reception in multiple ways. Guests might not want to wear formal attire at 10 a.m. Instead, brunch receptions tend to feel more like a garden party or a bridal shower, but your guests might be looking forward to that. Encourage your friends and family members to wear bold colors and patterns that they may not get to show off that often.

Match the Decor to the Reception

Many brides and grooms have been picturing their wedding for years. They likely already have picked out color schemes, patterns, and flower arrangements. Since brunch weddings are usually more casual, you must consider how your decorations will reflect the atmosphere. For example, you may opt for wildflowers in a mason jar instead of an extravagant floral arrangement. Similarly, you may go with a buffet instead of a sit-down meal.

Choosing the Right Food Can Be Challenging

When you hear the term “brunch wedding,” you might immediately think of pancakes and waffles. Remember, brunch is serious business, and choosing a spread for everyone is not easier at brunch than it is for dinner. Some items you can serve include chicken and waffles, freshly-made omelets, or finger sandwiches. Something to also consider is your desert. While layers of fondant and icing are beautiful and delicious, your guests might not be interested in that at the end of a brunch. Instead, consider serving cinnamon rolls, cookies, or cupcakes.

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