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After a beautiful and emotional ceremony, your guests are excited to socialize and reminisce about old memories. The reception is where friend groups reconnect and make new memories. While guests will enjoy the company of others, a professional DJ will keep guests entertained and excited.

Nothing says fun better than music and all your favorite songs. Play some throwbacks or family favorites—either way, music will encourage excitement from everyone.

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Wedding DJ

You might be contemplating whether hiring a DJ is worth the extra money. Choosing to not have an entertainer might risk shoving more responsibilities on you to keep your guests properly amused. There are many reasons to hire a wedding DJ. Consider the following list:

Experienced Professionals

Wedding DJs have a lot of experience working with different audiences and recognizing the needs of each. For weddings, musicians have to think about what songs will make you and your guests get up and dance. That could mean throwing in some classic rock with early 2000s R&B. While you may not know everyone’s favorite songs, DJs are able to better determine what everyone can enjoy.


While you’re greeting guests and enjoying yourself, the DJ will have everyone else entranced. This will give you time to relax and even participate in the lively celebration. DJs are reliable entertainers that you can count on. You shouldn’t have to worry about how to keep guests active; leave it to the professionals.

Licensed Contracts

A great part of hiring a wedding DJ is that they have specified contract details that each party must abide by. If they happen to fall sick or a piece of equipment fails, they have multiple backup plans in order to fill your wedding reception with your favorite tunes. If you decide to hire a family member or friend, they won’t come with a contract or backup equipment.

Proper Equipment

Equipment is expensive. If you’re not going to use it again, it’s a waste to buy an entire DJ setup. A wedding DJ comes with all their equipment, and you won’t have to lift a finger. Some less expensive equipment will sound muffled or filled with static if played too loud. Guests need to hear the music to enjoy it. A professional DJ will make sure that the sound quality is just right.

Trained Etiquette

A great DJ will have pleasant interactions with attendees and make appropriate jokes to liven up the room. Unprofessional music players might focus too much on their preferences or what they think a crowd will like. DJs know how to read a room and adhere to the requests of the guests of honor.

What Happens If It Starts to Rain at My Wedding?

For those considering outdoor weddings, there is always the worrying possibility that it might rain. With a prepared wedding planner, there will be an area covered and shielded away from the storm. Planning for these types of events is crucial for outdoor weddings. If this does happen, the DJ will follow your plan and relocate to an inside area.

Talk to your vendors about their plans for if there’s rain on your wedding day and how they will work to help keep you and your guests dry. Your DJ should also prepare for if a storm blows in. Whether it is protective wrappings or extra equipment, a professional will always have a plan B.

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