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Most of today’s wedding ceremonies begin in the early afternoon and run until mid-evening. While this time slot has worked well for many couples, though, you may be interested in something a little more unique. Night wedding ceremonies can make your gathering feel more intimate — but what are the pros and cons of a later event?

The Pros of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

As night settles in, you and your loved ones can gather at your preferred venue and come together to celebrate your love. The best things about weddings at night include:

Later Starts

It turns out that the later you host your wedding ceremony, the longer you have to get ready! If you have a larger bridal party or simply aren’t a morning person, evening ceremonies can help you get a handle on your schedule.

Increased Attendance

Weekday weddings are becoming increasingly popular due to their reduced costs. If you’ve thought about hosting a weekday wedding, consider moving it onto a different timeline. Weekday evening weddings can boast greater attendance than their daytime counterparts.

Even if you host your wedding on a weekend, a nighttime wedding ceremony can help you meet friends and loved ones who may have complicated work schedules.

Beautiful Send-Off Opportunities

It may be traditional to throw rice or blow bubbles to send a couple off, but those aren’t the only way you can leave your wedding. The later in the evening you leave a venue, the more creative you can get. Some couples leave their weddings under a trail of glow sticks. Others share sparklers with their guests.

So long as you abide by the safety precautions established by your venue, you can transform a late-night send-off into an event that your wedding guests won’t forget.

The Cons of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

No wedding ever goes perfectly. If you are planning to host your wedding ceremony in the evening, you’ll want to be wary of:

Reduced Photo Opportunities

The photos you take at your wedding are going to stay with you forever. The later it gets, though, the more difficult it can be to get the perfect wedding photo — particularly if you’re hosting an outdoor event.

Fortunately, talented wedding photographers can make the most of a wedding’s evening hours. Some photographers can bring their own lightboxes to your photo shoot, ensuring that your outfits, expressions, and loved ones all shine. Others can move quickly to catch golden hour lighting.

You can even work with a photographer to schedule a first look and pre-ceremony photo shoot if you’re concerned about the lighting. Professionals want you to have every opportunity to make your wedding day as perfectly tailored as possible.

Conflicts For Older Loved Ones or Families With Children

While night weddings can work wonderfully for family and loved ones with careers, these hours aren’t perfect for everyone. Older relatives or loved ones with children may struggle to make these hours fit into their regular schedules.

Fewer Vendor Opportunities

There may be some vendors that prefer to work during more traditional wedding hours. With that in mind, some venues and vendors alike may turn you down if you want to hire them for a night wedding ceremony.

That said, there are ways to get around these hourly limitations. Late-night snacks are becoming increasingly popular at today’s weddings, for example, making some caterers better for evening weddings than others. If you can find the teams that will best suit your evening’s needs, you won’t have to worry about the hours’ impact on your big day.

Let’s Discuss Your Dreams For Your Big Day

Evening ceremonies let you create an unforgettable experience for yourself and your loved ones. That said, attending a wedding at night isn’t suitable for everyone. If you’re not sure what time your ceremony should take place, contact the team with Windows on the Water. We can work with you to determine your ceremony’s needs and limitations.

You can contact our venue’s representatives online or by calling (609) 208-9475.