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As you’re deciding on a wedding venue, you and your partner will have to make a fundamental decision: are you going to go for a one-stop ceremony followed by a reception at the same hall, or will you split the two up? The answer will determine what kind of venue you choose and the schedule of events that day.

Splitting Up the Ceremony and Reception

Depending on your vision of the wedding, sometimes splitting up the two makes sense! If you’re planning something special for the actual ceremony, then do it. It is your wedding. Your guests will love that you decided to have a unique and original type of service, so they won’t mind the extra travel. For example, you might want to do something that’s meaningful for you, like getting married in a favorite place, like a beach, park, or even bar (if you can talk the owner into it!). If there’s a special place you’ve always wanted to get married, then it’s a great idea to split up the ceremony and reception. Having two different locations is fun.

Most people have a religious ceremony that is central to their wedding. Although a lot of religious houses have a special reception hall that couples can use after the formal custom, it might not be your dream place to have your wedding bash. You can have your ceremony in a religious space and your party in a place that’s special to you.

Keep in mind that not everyone you invited can attend both, so you might have to show a little understanding towards your guests. You’ll also have to arrange for additional transportation to take people from the service to the reception, which might require an extra portion of the budget.

What to Consider When Looking at Wedding Venues

On the other hand, you can always have a religious ceremony anywhere you want to be. Your rabbi, reverend, or other spiritual leaders likely travel often to perform weddings. You will have to find a venue with a particular space to carry out the ceremony part. Luckily, most lake wedding venues provide a beautiful space for that – you just have to check.

If you have older family members that have trouble traveling, you might want to have the ceremony and celebration in one place to ensure that they can still attend your wedding. It’s also much easier and more straightforward for most of your guests.

A hall that does both parts is probably the most convenient way to do a wedding. It might also be a lot pricier, but it’s worth it. Windows on the Water offers numerous packages to give you a wide range of options. Contact our professional event and meeting planners at Windows on the Water by calling (609) 208-9475 for more information and to check availability.