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When it comes time to start planning your special day, there are a number of factors that you’ll need to consider. A key one is how large you want your wedding to be. From the number of guests you plan to invite to the number of bridesmaids, you’ll need to make a firm decision from the very start, and have a solid foundation to base all your future planning

Let’s take a broader look at some of the pros and cons of big and small weddings to give you a general direction to take.  

The Advantages of Small Weddings

A cozy wedding?  An intimate one? Here are some issues to consider if that’s what you’re leaning to.

Pros of a Small Wedding  

  • The cost of a small wedding is significantly less than hosting a much larger ceremony. Not only do you have less food, drinks, and entertainment to provide your guests, but you also have fewer people attending the bridal party.
  • Intimate weddings tend to require less planning since everything is done on a smaller scale.
  • When you only have a limited number of guests present at your wedding, it can make the entire experience feel a lot more personal. You have more time to speak with everyone attending your special day.

Cons of a Small Wedding  

  • When you decide to have a small wedding, it can be stressful trimming down your guest list. No question there will be people you’d hoped to invite that you’ll need to cut from the ceremony.
  • When you invite fewer people, you’re going to end up with a smaller number of gifts. This may not be a make or break decision for everyone, but it’s something to consider.

The Advantages of Big Weddings

 What can a big wedding ceremony offer you? Here are some things to think about.

Pros of a Big Wedding  

  • When you decide to have a big wedding, you don’t need to worry much about your guest list and who gets on it. You can invite old high school friends and those cousins you only see once every few years.
  • When you have a big wedding, it means lots of people, which translates into lots of wedding gifts. This is perfect for those couples who are moving into a new home who could use more home-oriented gifts.
  • A big wedding gives you a lot more creative entertainment possibilities. Throw in plenty of good alcohol, and you’re certain to be having a fun afternoon.

Cons of a Big Wedding  

  • The biggest challenge with a big wedding is the associated costs. Not only are you supplying food and seating for a sizeable number of people, but you’re also handling more expenses for the bridal party.
  • The bigger your wedding gets, the more time for planning that you’re going to need. That means more seating arrangements, thank you cards, and time weeding through your guest list.

Many couples make the assumption that how big their wedding is will depend on the size of the budget. While that’s definitely a consideration, it’s also important to think about whether your idea of a dream wedding is one that’s elaborate and splashy, or cozy and intimate. 

No two couples are alike in what they’re looking for, so do some soul searching first. 

Next, once you’ve decided on what constitutes the wedding of your dreams, what you need is the perfect lake wedding venue.

Plan Your Central Jersey Wedding Today

Regardless of the size of your wedding ceremony, Windows on the Water at Frogbridge understands that your wedding location is the picture-perfect stage for one of the most important events of your lifetime. We treasure this fact and would love the opportunity to assist you in creating a truly memorable wedding day. 

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