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With your new engagement to the love of your life and wedding plans in the works, it’s time to start a wedding gift registry. While it’s a simple concept, you should try to have a plan in place for the types of gifts you want your guests to select for you. That means you shouldn’t wait until the night before or day of your store visit to decide what goes on this all-important list. Consider some of the most common wedding registry mistakes you should avoid.

Not Enough Gifts on Your Wedding Registry

Determining how many gift options will go on your wedding registry is an important step before you ever set foot in your favorite stores. If you only add 70 items to your registry list, remember that you have an engagement party, bridal shower, and your wedding reception coming up. Will those 70 items in your gift pool cover the number of potential guests who will use your list to purchase a present? What if guests buy more than one? 

You need to have a large selection to choose from, and might need to add more items right up until a week before your wedding to make sure there are enough gift ideas to go around.

Making a Wedding Registry Without an Appointment

You might think an appointment isn’t necessary to register a list at the store you want gifts purchased from, but you’re wrong about that. Department stores and home decor centers may have staffers that handle registry requests. If they’re not available on the day you show up without an appointment, you may not get the chance to start your list. Call ahead and book an appointment if needed so you’ll have their wedding registry services available when you arrive. 

Not a Lot of Variety on Your Wedding Gift List

Variety is the spice of any big event, and wedding gifts are no exception. When you think about variety, you might envision someone who has only listed household goods like dishes or appliances. This is one aspect of variety to consider, but don’t forget the pricing of the items you register. Not everyone can afford or wants to spend a lot on your wedding present, so try to offer a wide range of price points for your gifts.

Choose Shops With Online Ordering and Direct Shipping

Many times you’ll have guests that don’t look forward to finding a gift. Keep your wedding registry easy to access and flexible when it comes to online purchases and shipping options. Before signing up for an online shop registry, carefully review their return policy. This is not just to guarantee you can return items easily if they’re defective, but sometimes guests don’t use the registry and you end up with duplicate gifts.  

Passing on Heirloom-Quality Gifts

Engaged couples often miss the connection between starting a lifetime together and asking for gifts that will last a lifetime. These types of long lasting presents can eventually belong to your children and start new traditions for your family. Try to ask for a few heirloom-quality presents on your wedding registry.

Dedicated Central Jersey Wedding Planners 

Windows on the Water knows how easily mistakes can occur when trying to iron out all the individual details and planning that go into creating the perfect wedding day. This is especially true when it comes to managing your wedding registry because you don’t want to forget anything that would help you and your future spouse settle into married life. This fact stays with us through the entire planning process, and we would love the opportunity to help you keep your wedding events focused on your enjoyment while we take care of the finer details. 

Our recognized wedding venue services and years of assisting couples in creating unique experiences help us minimize the stress that comes with nuptials planning. Our property highlights how spectacular Central Jersey is for a marriage event, and the property is customizable so you’ll feel it best captures the joyous days ahead of you.  

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