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Ah, spring. The blustery cold of winter is finally gone, and after all those months huddled indoors, springtime weather lures you back outside. Spring is the perfect time for outdoor activity before the summer heat starts to sizzle. No wonder so many brides love the idea of a wedding during this season of renewal.

Another popular aspect of spring is that you get lured back to your gardens, and it’s when your flowers once again begin to bloom. And not surprisingly, garden-themed weddings are also quite popular. Since spring is the time when everything is in blossom, you can turn the beauty of your garden into a winning concept for your outdoor wedding as well. With so much lush greenery to take advantage of, this is a natural solution to making your spring wedding memorable for your guests.

How Can You Apply Garden Themes to Your Wedding Venue?

One reason why garden weddings are so popular today is that flower-filled venues evoke romance and whimsy. Fresh blooms on the reception tables and in your bridal bouquet add so charm to your ceremony. You tap into nature as a way to celebrate this joyous occasion.

Once you’ve selected a great venue, there’s so much you can do to create a gorgeous garden ambiance. You have some creative ways to turn your venue into your own botanical garden, starting with your choice of lush flowers and greenery.  

Creating some charming floral arrangements is a good place to start. Your best choice is flowers that are in-season and sold locally, which will be both more affordable and fresher than flowers that are out of season. Locate an experienced florist in your city who can recommend different flowers that are going to work together to create floral designs at your venue. Take photos of your favorite styles and colors when meeting with your florist. If you choose jumbo-sized flowers, only a few will accomplish a full and dramatic look. 

If you’re looking for floral inspiration, sites like Pinterest and Instagram are great for getting ideas, simply by using the hashtag #weddingflowers to check out what other brides have done. 

Creating a Garden Theme Outside Your Wedding Venue

Spring is a favorite season because of the opportunity to end cabin fever and get back in touch with nature, which is why so many couples decide on a wedding ceremony outdoors, and then the reception inside their venue. If you’ve chosen a venue in a gorgeous location, it may naturally lend itself to a garden theme. You may have a location where flowers are already in bloom with the warmer weather. But you may also find the opportunity for more flowers in that setting.

There are opportunities to place flowers in a variety of places, that can include:

  • In the bride’s hair
  • On the bride’s dress
  • In the aisle
  • On tables
  • On the wedding cake. 

There are other things besides flowers that you can use to enhance a garden theme. The use of pastel colors adds considerably to a garden-themed wedding, including pinks, yellows, greens, purples, and blues working together in a festive way, particularly on your table settings and linens. Another good decorative item is eggs. Use of decorative eggs can be memorable, and you can have them dyed in pastel colors.  

If you’ve chosen some beautiful flowers for your wedding, decorative glass vases placed around your venue is another way to show off botanicals at your reception.

Enjoy Your Spring Wedding with Windows on the Water

At Windows on the Water, we’re delighted to host your spring wedding. We know that your wedding venue is one of the most important decisions related to your wedding and your married life. As a spring wedding venue, we strive to make your day unique because you deserve the wedding of your dreams. 

Come visit Windows on the Water and see what makes it one of the most popular spring wedding venues in Central Jersey. As you tour the breathtaking grounds, you’ll see why so many brides and grooms choose us as the backdrop of their declaration of love.

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